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   Chapter 576 Common Goal

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Darren had never expected to see the young man in black armor again here.

Darren looked at the young man. He originally wanted to ask some questions, but he didn't know what to say. His mouth opened only to exhale a small amount of air and rapidly closed it.

He still remembered Scott's fight with that youth in the Fire Cave. The memory was still fresh in his mind. In the end, the young man in black armor had let Scott go. The youth had said that day, "You owe me one." Darren still didn't understand what the words meant.

"Help me."

Two strange characters sounded cold and distant in Darren's brain.

Darren had communicated with the young man in this way before, but he could not take the initiative to say anything.

Since the young man in black armor opened his mouth first, Darren cooperated and decided to reply. "What do you mean by 'help me'?

Are you the one who left the forbidden area on the island? I do owe you, but if you want me to help you open the forbidden areas of the Holy Lands, then I can't do it. I really can't." Darren stared at the young man with unblinking eyes.

At this point, Darren couldn't think of anyone else who had pure bloodline of a fiend and mighty strength at the same time. The only exception was this young man in black armor.

Darren could not help but be secretly surprised that the strength of this young man in black armor was growing too fast. Back in the Fire Cave, he was only powerful as someone in the Grand Realm. Now, when Darren was as strong as a six-star grand warrior, he had a terrible feeling that the young man was even stronger than before.


The stone-faced young man remained cold as usual. When the man stood with tight shut lips, Darren furrowed his brows and stared at the youth for a while.

"I want you to help me stop it." The young man in black armor continued to send words into Darren's brain.

Darren was still confused, and it showed on his face. Before he could say something, the young man in black armor sent more words to Darren's brain.

"It is transformed by my real body's blood essence. Help me find it, and I'll kill it."

"It?" Confusion still swam in Darren's mind, and the added words deepened his furrowed brows. 'Is he saying that the king of the black mutants is not him at all?' Darren wondered.

By the looks of it, the black-armored young man wanted to kill the mutant transformed from the blood essence.

Those doubts made Darren's heart heavy. This time, however, he wouldn't let it go. He had to clarify everything!

"Tell me where you come from first." Darren licked his lips as he prepared himself for the answer.

The young man in black armor hesitated for a moment before flooding Darren's mind with the number of words beyond expectations. Darren's eyes widened at the overwhelming data in his head.

"My real body was divided into eight parts by the strong human warriors, and my soul was divided into three. Two of them were dead, while the last one was hidden in a divine coffin. I am the last part of the soul that had been in the coffin, assimilating the sp

ve good news!" Darren leaned forward and sent a message to Scott.

A figure dressed in white flashed in front of Darren. Before Darren could even register, he heard a noise.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Unfortunately, the noise was just a start. Darren was about to face something that surprised him even more.

When Scott showed up, the whole uninhabited island began to shake violently. Even the sea within hundreds of miles began to surge. Darren struggled to stand up straight.

Two icy auras soared, and Darren's legs started to tremble.

One was the aura of the demonic internal force.

The other was an icy aura of dragon blood.

Darren gritted his teeth and held something beside him for the support. His legs started to feel like jelly only to find an overwhelming pressure had begun to crawl up his skin. He almost felt like vomiting blood right there.

The pressure remained the same, but light started to emerge that nearly blinded Darren. By the time he opened his eyes, Scott had directly turned into the cyan dragon. The dragon's cry started to threaten Darren's ears.

It was the same with the young man in black armor. Shrouded by the terrifying fiendish aura, his eyes were even colder than anything Darren had seen.

"What... What the hell Scott!" Darren was stunned. He frowned at the sight of a roaring dragon as if someone had threatened to kill him.

"Scott, please stop. He isn't a threat!" When the pressure continued to attack his body like a tornado, Darren knew it was useless to talk. He clenched his jaw and flew to Scott right away.

To Darren's surprise, Scott didn't say anything to him at all. He just used the dragon claw to hit Darren and forced him two kilometers back. Darren's eyes were still wide opened when he hit the ground and spat a mouthful of blood. He brushed the dust off of his body, and a thought flashed in his mind. He turned to look at the roaring Scott.

'Oh, damn it. I know what is happening, '

Darren thought to himself. Though he was still surprised, he finally figured out what was going on.

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