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   Chapter 575 The Young Man In Black Armor (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-31 00:20

"What did you say?" barely hearing the words that were muttered by Darren, the elder man looked and asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just never mind that." Casting a pretentious expression like he had just said nothing, the confused Darren shook his head.

However, a thought bothered Darren. It was the fact that the Sacred Palace knew that Darren could transform into a fiend before. But the Sacred Palace had no idea where he had obtained that power and capability of transforming into a fiend. Probably it was because Darren was not worthy of their attention at that time.

"Now that I have relayed to you the facts I know about the mutant, please take the situation into account. If you will, please hurry to the forbidden areas and try everything to stop the catastrophe from happening as soon as possible," pleaded the elder man. After which, he utilized some runes and procured on his hands something valuable, which he handed towards Darren, saying, "These are the Killing Elixir and the Soul Exploding Rune. Take these with you. They might come in handy in case things get rough for you." The elder man's tone was foreboding as he handed the rune and elixir to Darren.

At the sound of it, Darren thought to himself that the old man still wanted him to die.

But before Darren could say anything, the elder man continued, "You are such a genius. It will be a pity if we lose you. You can go to the Lotus Holy Land and hand these two things over to the guardian there. He knows what to do, and need not say any other things."

Hearing his words, Darren immediately understood what the elder man had meant. He wanted the elder who was responsible for guarding the forbidden area of the Lotus Holy Land to do his part in stopping the most powerful mutant.

"Must someone die to stop that mutant?" For the threat the task imposed, and the uncertainty of it, Darren sighed and dropped his head low at the same time. He was reluctant to follow

pale in the face, Darren's heart skipped a beat at the sight of the phantom's looming figure.

It was so fast that it dashed from one point to the other. Darren couldn't even follow it with his eyes. Worst was, after several attempts, Darren couldn't capture the phantom with his spiritual sense.

Caught unaware and surprised at the instance, Darren looked around warily. After a while, a familiar and frightening figure suddenly appeared and flew towards him.

"It's you. Why are you here?" As the phantom drew closer to him, Darren murmured and was totally stunned.

In front of him, a young man in black armor gazed at him coldly and without any expressions. As the young man was just a few inches away from him, the hair of Darren's skin stood on ends at the young man's dominating aura.

Rummaging through the memories on the back of his mind, Darren grew familiar with that young man's face. He knew very well that he was the one who flew out of the bronze coffin.

"So, you have been following me all this time, and not the shadow of that elder man?" asked Darren in a probing tone. He had such a realization as to the young man's sudden appearance. Darren couldn't believe that he had lazed his guard too lax; he wasn't able to notice that he had the young man like his shadow.

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