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   Chapter 574 The Young Man In Black Armor (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-31 00:12

In just a matter of a few days, all the black mutants on the island died and vanished as if they were wiped out. Such bizarre phenomena were truly inconceivable to Darren. He couldn't wrap his head as to what was the truth behind the sudden disappearance, thus making him more curious and eager to find the missing piece of the puzzle.


Along with all the heavy thoughts in his head, Darren flew at high speed. A few minutes later, he stopped in front of the so-called forbidden area.

After probing the place and examining it for a while, he immediately sensed that there was something wrong in the place. He noticed the runes surrounding the black gate of the statue in the forbidden area were all gone.


Held dazed and confused at the moment, Darren's mind went blank for a split second. The more he thought about it, the more unbelievable and inconceivable things appeared to him.

With his curiosity motivating him to probe further, Darren dragged his feet and flew closer into the black gate. He was vigilant along the way in case anything unexpected might happen.

Traversing and prodding the endless darkness, Darren felt nothing but cruelty. He could smell it in the air and sense it in the ambiance of the place.

At the end of the dark path, a transparent hexagon was spinning incessantly. And there laid a withered skeleton in the middle.

"It's really coming out to life!" chirped Darren out. While he bent over to take a closer look, Darren's heart skipped a beat. Aside from the reality that not a single mutant could be seen or even felt in the place, a compelling aura emanated from the skeleton under the spinning hexagon. He thought to himself, 'Could it be that all the black mutants outside were killed by the so-called king?'

Ringing bells on his head, Darren carefully recalled the death of the black mutants that he had witnessed. Gradually, things turned out clear to him, and he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, so those black mutants' b

blood essence take a life form.

"We cannot say it has come back to life or taken a physical body of any sort. I am also confused about that part too. As far as we, elders, understood it, to choose a new master to bring back to life, the drop of blood essence needs a body with very pure bloodline of a fiend.

So, I wonder, does it mean there is a specially chosen descendant among the fiendish mutants? And we haven't known that such a thing existed beforehand?"

The older man was very perplexed. The Sacred Palace knew whatever the strongest warriors among human beings and the other races in the Bottom Spiritual World had done. But in general, the Sacred Palace would not interfere.

For example, the Sacred Palace knew a lot of Darren's experiences and ordeals, for they were keeping a close watch on him. Of course, if things were happening at some ancient relics, they could not know. It was impossible that the Sacred Palace, despite its vigilance and the cautious watch on the Bottom Spiritual World, hadn't noticed the birth of a mutant with an extremely pure fiend bloodline.

The elder man couldn't figure out the reason.

"Very pure bloodline? My fiend bloodline was very pure too. I inherited it from a young man in black armor who flew out of the bronze coffin," Darren muttered in a low voice.

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