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   Chapter 572 Investigation

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After settling the double-headed race's problems, Darren and Scott found a transmission array with which to reach the demonic monster domain.

In the demonic monster domain, Darren released a strong aura to intimidate all the demonic monsters.

After sharing some instructions with the demonic monsters, Darren and Scott left.

Darren and Scott had been hunting for the land of the snail mutants for a long time. However, after an unsuccessful search, they decided to move forward with their plans.

"Scott, shall we sneak into the land of the black mutants?"

Now that things were almost ready, it seemed like the right time to start the most crucial part.

Boom! Boom!

As Darren and Scott flew toward the far west, the earth began to tremble. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled as thick clouds covered the sky.

A gigantic water pillar rose toward the sky from the distant sea.

Darren and Scott heard the roar even though they were tens of thousands of miles away.

"It's emerging." Scott's expression was as cold as ice. When he saw the water pillar, Scott could gauge that the king of the black mutants was extremely powerful.

Darren's gaze also shifted to the pillar. Thousands of miles away, an intense killing aura rose toward the sky. It was so terrifying that Darren and Scott shuddered.

"It's really powerful. Why don't I look first? You can wait for me here," Darren advised Scott.

"I know you can employ your skill of concealment, but I am unsure of whether the mutant can detect your presence."

Scott knew that Darren had a powerful invisible skill.

"I will be fine. As the mutants haven't awoken the Spirit Power, they can't detect me."

"Okay. But, please take care. I will wait for you on that island." Scott pointed to a small island not far away.


Darren answered with a quick nod before heading toward the pillar in the distance.

After flying for over half an hour, Darren saw a large island shrouded by black mist. It appeared to be the home of the black mutants.

The island was quiet, and Darren noticed no abnormal phenomenon on it as he neared.

As he flew further into the island, Darren used the Air-integrated True Rule to protect himself.

Several huge human-shaped statues appeared in front of him.

"These statues might be the ancestors of the bl

e jungle in the next moment.

"It's gone!"

A frown appeared on Darren's face when he realized that he was alone in that spot.

He hadn't expected the mysterious person to sense his Spirit Power.

At that moment, Darren was a little nervous.

On this island, even the purple-gold mutant Darren had seen could not escape his detection, let alone disappear without a trace under his sudden chase.

This indicated that the person who had pried on Darren was stronger than him.

Enemies hiding in the dark were the most terrifying.

Darren frantically searched around but could not find any traces. He had disappeared in a flash!

Soon, Darren flew away from the mutant-guarded island to a safer place.

He had no intention of finding Scott at this moment as he had not yet investigated the thing inside the forbidden area on the island.

As Darren flew away at his maximum speed, he didn't sense that under the sea beneath him, a black figure was swimming parallel with him.

Darren didn't stop until he was two to three thousand miles away from the island of black mutants. Here, the seawater under him had turned blue.

As soon as he stopped, Darren's expression changed to shock. He turned and released blade and sword intents at the area behind him.

"Who is there? Show yourself!"

The strong blade and sword intents didn't hit anything.


In a flash, some runes lit up, and the figure of an old man appeared in front of Darren.

At the same time, a pair of cold eyes still glared at Darren from under the seawater.

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