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   Chapter 571 A Sad History

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"Scott, now that they are willing to surrender, do you think we should still kill the powerful mutants or not?" Darren licked his lips and continued to stare at Scott.

Scott tilted his head to look at Darren and remained silent for a few seconds. "If they really intend to submit, we'd better not kill them. We don't need a dispute in the future." He looked up and weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

"Dispute?" Darren furrowed his eyebrows at Scott's words.

If they killed all the mutants, then there would be no dispute. It sounded like a winning idea.

"Yes, it is. There are powerful mutants of different tribes in the Medium Spiritual World as well. They reached an agreement with the Sacred Palace that gave birth to the state of peace. Once we kill all the mutants in the Bottom Spiritual World, even if we had a reason, it would be difficult for human beings in the Medium Spiritual World to solve the problem in the future." Scott crossed his arms.

"I don't know much about these things. I only heard it from the elders in my clan," he added. Scott's serious face looked icy cold to Darren at that moment. Darren pressed his lips together. He knew Scott was right.

"In that case, we'll just let them go. After all, there are civilians in the mutant races as well. If we slaughtered all of them, we would become the bad guys."

Among every race, the ones with great ambition were always the ones at the highest level. It wouldn't be right if these people became enemies. If they were to slaughter all the mutants, no matter they were good or bad, it also would be against their conscience.

"Let's go down and have a look first," Scott said in a low voice.

Darren and Scott looked down and landed in front of the double-headed mutant general.

"Do you genuinely surrender? You and any other mutants of your race cannot bother us again. If I catch you, I'll kill you all." Darren's cold voice sent a wave of shock down the spine of the mutant general. With his soft legs, he stood shivering on the spot.

The double-headed general gulped and tried to calm his racing heart that was trying hard to shoot out of his chest. "Yes, we genuinely surrender. We won't bother you anymore. I'll lead them. I will make sure they are prohibited from entering the human territory." He lowered his head and knelt on the ground. He did not even dare to raise his head to look at Darren and Scott.

Once the double-headed mutant general finished his words, the crowd started whispering. Loud voices of contempt tensed the environment even more. One of them couldn't hold it in and said, "I understand the law of the jungle. But why are we always the lowliest in this world? I can't accept this! I can't! God is so unfair! Our ancestors risked their lives for nothing!" His piercing gaze landed on Darren and Scott. The double-headed man bared his teeth and roared at the top of his lungs.

"I have infuriated you. Now you must want to kill me." He gave a tight lipped

tcher said that to become stronger, some human ancestors began to study the bloodline of the fiends and transformed themselves to a fiend to improve their strength, so that they could fight against the real fiends.

So, Darren concluded that the elder double-headed man must not be making up stories.

Darren looked into the eyes of the old priest. "I really admire the great loyalty of the ancestors of all the mutant races. I sincerely apologize for the unfair treatment their younger generations have received."

Darren closed his eyes and bowed in front of everyone. Little gasps from the mouths of several double-headed individuals spread in the crowd.

He straightened his back and licked his lips. "There's one thing, though. Your king wanted to kill all humans because the space passage had been sealed. I didn't do anything wrong by killing him." Darren continued to look at the older man to see any traces of fear or disgust against humans. Fortunately, Darren was proved wrong when he heard the next words of the priest.

"Yes, the distant grievance should have been erased already. I have no complaint against you. The king was at fault this time. But we also cannot ignore the seed of hatred that we have inherited from generations." The double-headed priest's lips curled up into a pleasant smile.

"Well, in that case, I, Darren, promise that from now on, the humans in the Bottom Spiritual World will not meddle with your race in the future. I will deal with the person who does not obey this." Darren paused for a while. "But please make sure you don't harass the innocent humans," Darren said.

"Thank you. I really admire your righteousness. If it were someone else, my people wouldn't even have a chance to defend ourselves. I really appreciate your understanding." A flood of tears started rolling down the priest's cheeks. His eyes glistened with joy for the first time in a few years after seeing a sincere human soul, and he bowed his head toward Darren.

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