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   Chapter 570 Clean Up The Remnants (Part Two)

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"Well, I know. I am well aware of that. It's a pity that I don't have more spiritual crystals. If I had much, probably I could promote myself to the six-star level in twenty years." While he faced numerous battles along his way, Darren had used up all the spiritual crystals he got for accelerating his cultivation base. Consequently, it would take him a longer time to improve his stage without the aid of the spiritual crystals.

"Spiritual crystals are very precious and hard to obtain. You'd better not rely on them too much," said Mathew.

"Is that so? Well, I got it! Even if there are no spiritual crystals, there is still a way to speed up the progress of my stage."

The method that Darren was talking about was to upgrade his talent degree. In due course that he attained the talent of Genuine Domain Degree, Darren believed that his upgrade of cultivation base would not be slowed down.

"That's a good plan. You can stay here and practice with Hanson for a while. We will decide whether you can leave here or not after my master comes back."

With that consensus with Mathew, Darren nodded and released his avatar again.

After coming out of the Starry Tower, Darren's avatar immediately looked for Scott.

On his way, he learned that Chad and the others had recovered after the treatment.

"Chad, are you all right?" Darren greeted.

"I am all right now. Well enough than before. Thank you for coming and helping us, or we all would have died without you.

Unfortunately, Rolf has been killed. That's hard for us to accept," Chad responded with his head hung low.

All of them looked rather sad and disheartened. They had lost a friend, as mutants killed him. Worst was, they had no strength to fight back nor even avenge their friend's death.

"Don't be so sad. Those mutants are so vile an

that of a four-star grand warrior, you should come out right now. Otherwise, I will kill you without mercy."

The threat descended from the two figures who were like gods, which floated in the cold sky.

"Humph! How dare you! Kill them!" bellowed a double-headed mutant.

At his command, dozens of four-star double-headed mutants flew into the air with one or two five-star generals among them.


Soon enough, powerful sword and blade intents covered the whole area.

Blood and bodies of double-headed mutants alike fell one after another.

In a split second, all of the powerful double-headed mutants were defeated. They were like a school of fish caught in a net—helpless and with no escape.

"Sir, we yield under your power. We serve you. Please have mercy on us."

In no time, a five-star general was kneeling and begging on the ground, along with tens and thousands of his members.

Before this incident, the general had heard that humans had killed their king. As he witnessed the strength of the two humans in the air, he knew for sure that they were the ones who killed their king. Certainly, if they didn't surrender, their whole tribe would be doomed and vanquished to existence.

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