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   Chapter 569 Clean Up The Remnants (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-29 08:18

With a heavy heart, after Darren left the Snail King to his friends, he went to look for fragments of sword intent.

Without the pieces of sword intent, Darren, though now a nominal disciple of the Starry Tower's owner, was not allowed to enter. No exception to the rule, nor a particular treatment was given to him.

The Snail King had killed his friend. The mutant was so hateful that Darren would never let it go. After seven or eight days of diligent searching, he finally found two pieces of sword intent.

"Oh, right. I forgot that there is a fragment of sword intent in my Space Ring too. How silly of me."

blurted out Darren as he suddenly remembered that he had found two pieces last time in a lake before he entered the Starry Tower. He used one, and the other one was left and stored in his Space Ring. He was feeling ridiculous and sorry at the same time that he didn't remember and wasted his time looking for more fragments of sword intent. Anyway, he would need to go back to the Starry Tower from time to time. Thus, it was good for him to secure some more fragments of sword intent in his Space Ring.

Darren then flew to the palace of the Red Inferno Sect where Horace had imprisoned the Snail King. Without wasting his time, he triggered the sword intent fragment. In a couple of minutes, he took the Snail King away.

On the top floor of the Starry Tower

After the real Darren appeared, his avatar shut his eyes and sat beside him quietly. It was such an instant action, like a servant that knew what to do the moment his master arrived.

"Ah, y-y-you…" stuttered the Snail King as he felt the real Darren's aura. The Snail King had sensed the heightened, maximized, and strengthened potency of Darren's aura which made him terrified.

His avatar and the true Darren were like two peas in a pod. But Darren's true self was way sinewy and stalwart than his avatar. 'What

ight against it by myself." Darren expressed his sentiments, with a serious tone and expression.

"You're right. There is indeed a powerful mutant in the far west that is about to be born. If it takes shape, even if your real body stands out to fight it, I am afraid you may not be able to defeat it. Therefore, you need to try your best to comprehend the legendary blade and sword skills during this time," Mathew stated in a gloomy tone, worried about Darren and his fate with the mutants.

In the same manner, Darren was shocked, too, when he heard about the news. The mutant, which was about to be born, was prophesized to be powerful and dominant among its kind.

With that being known, Darren was on pins and needles. He had comprehended a little of the legendary blade and sword skills and had the combat power of a seven-star grand warrior at the middle level. However, even with such power, he wouldn't be able to fight against that unborn mutant.

"Your cultivation base has improved a lot. You are a two-star grand warrior now. But it is far from enough. Only when you reached the five or six-star level can you compete with those who have really stepped into the seven-star level," emphasized Mathew when he saw the worried look on Darren's face.

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