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   Chapter 568 There Are Many Ways To Kill You

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The Ancient Void Battlefield couldn't be used at all!


Because the Ancient Void Battlefield was in the body of the real Darren. Darren's avatar couldn't open the small world. Darren's avatar shared the same mind with his real body, so naturally, he wanted to use the Ancient Void Battlefield on instinct. He forgot that he couldn't use it in the form of an avatar.

'Damn it!' he cursed, beginning to worry.

'The Ancient Void Battlefield won't come in handy this time. Meanwhile, the Dragon King's attack grows more desperate as the battle goes on.

How can I let that snail mutant kill my friend?' Darren thought to himself, worried and helpless.

At that moment, Scott had just transformed into a dragon and used the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan.

The icy dragon's roar was deafening.

So were the impacts of his blows upon his opponent.

The Double-headed King quickly lost his confidence as he weathered the ferocious assault.

Turning tail, he flew hastily toward the Snail King.

"Let me in!" he shouted. He had good reason to fear. Darren had already destroyed one of his bodies, leaving him with just one, and now Scott was making short work of him.

If the Double-headed King were to lose yet again, there would be no chance of survival for him.

Hearing his plea, the Snail King gave him a sly look. "Okay, come on in!"

Yet the moment his distressed ally neared the shell's entrance, the Snail King sealed himself inside.

He blocked the entrance, and the Double-headed King ran into it with a bang.

Despite the force of the impact, the barrier was unscathed.

There was only one word the now-lone king had on his mind. "Shit!"

He could hardly believe that he was being humiliated by a damned snail, of all things.

Meanwhile, Scott was coming up right behind him, still in the form of a dragon.

He made no effort to hide the earth-shaking sound of his gait.

A pair of fierce claws flashed toward the Double-headed King.

Seeing a window of opportunity, Darren broke away from his own fight with the Dragon King, but only just long enough to send a blast of his dark gold internal force at the Double-headed King.

With that devastating energy coming in from one direction and Scott's attack from another, the Double-headed King had no chance of escape.


he screamed resentfully as the dragon's mandibles savaged him, raking his flesh too fast to see.

Blood wept from all four of his eyes.

Finally Scott plunged one hand into the Double-headed King's torso, clutching onto his heart.

Even then the Double-headed King fought back, frenziedly tearing and ripping dragon scales from his foe's body.

But Scott kept on him until, with a final exertion, he crushed the heart to a pulp in his fist.

With a sigh of relief he pulled his arm out, stepped back, and watched as the Double-headed King's enormous body tottered before crashing to the ground. After that, he was still.


r to escape through space.

But then, without warning, three figures appeared around them, orbited by shining runes. They were Horace and his two fellows.

Earlier, when Darren's avatar was communicating with his real body, the real Darren had sent a message to the three rule cultivators, asking them to come and help.

Waves of runes flashed from their hands, immediately blocking the space surrounding them.

The Snail King was shocked as his space escape skill failed to work.

"Ah, what's going on?! Where did somebody so powerful come from?"

Although Horace's space rule spell was not as potent as that of Finley, he was still unbeatable in the Bottom Spiritual World. What was more, he had grown stronger and learned much in the past few years. With the help of the Shackle Runes of Rocky and Nick, he could render the Snail King completely helpless.

"Take him away." Darren gave the order coldly.

"Certainly," Horace replied with a nod.

Ultimately, Darren didn't regard the three as mere subordinates.

Nevertheless, they had created a master and slave bond with Darren, and so they respected him very much.

Horace went on, "We're perfectly able to keep him imprisoned, Darren. However, actually breaking through his defense is another matter."

"That doesn't matter," replied Darren stonily. "There are many ways to kill him. He'll have a very miserable death, I promise."

Sure enough, the Snail King heard this and protested. "No, wait! Release me!

Let me go, and I'll take you to the treasures of the Dragon King and the Double-headed King.

Please, I promise you this!"

But though he went on and on, his captors paid no attention to all his pleadings.

Darren turned to Scott. "Scott, I need you to help take care of Chad and his team. There's something I need to do. I'll be back in a few days."

His partner looked at the western sky with a trace of uneasiness in his eyes. "Go ahead," Scott said at last. "We'll wait for you here."

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