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   Chapter 567 Fight Face-to-Face

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Since there wasn't any rule power to maintain the fishing net, it began to dim. Soon, it disappeared.

A few days later

"Humph! Snail King, you should've sent someone to kill the person who controlled the legendary fishing net long before. Why didn't you do that earlier?"

"We didn't cooperate at that time. Why would I do that?"

"Well, that's enough. Snail King, you sent someone to inquire about the relatives and friends of that human kid. Did you find the information we seek?" the Dragon King asked.

"It's done. Have a look!"

the Snail King said as he conjured a picture in mid-air. Several human figures were displayed in the image.

"Well, now that I have memorized their scent, we should find them and kill them all. Let's go!"

The Dragon King couldn't wait anymore. Without any further delay, the Double-headed King and the Dragon King wormed themselves into the Snail King's shell. Then, they headed for the human city.

In Talent City in the North Desert

"Chad, do you know how Darren became so powerful in a few years?"

"It is natural for him to grow stronger faster than normal. After all, he is a rare genius. And, he must have had several adventures in recent years, which would have helped him enhance his strength further."

"It's lucky that he is here. Otherwise, we would have died had the mutants invaded us."

"Yes, the battle scene from a few days ago was horrible! Considering my power, even the aftermath of the battle would have shattered me."

"Let's go find Darren. We should have a drink with him to thank him. I haven't seen him for a long time, and I don't know if he still regards us as his friends. Ha-ha."

The seven grand warriors in the North Desert witnessed the battle a few days ago from a distance. At the moment, they were drinking tea and chatting in a courtyard.

They hadn't realized that danger had arrived.

"Hey, seven grand warriors in the North Desert. You are having fun."

A strange voice suddenly echoed through the courtyard.

As soon as the Snail King descended into the quiet courtyard, Chad and the others immediately stood. The concern they felt reflected in their expressions.


"So that human's name is Darren. I heard that you are his good friends. Am I right?" the Snail King asked in a shrill voice.

"So what? Didn't Darren scare you a few da

courtyard, stopping Darren in his tracks. The Snail King's shell flew toward Chad and the others.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Simultaneously, two figures swiftly flew toward Darren and Scott from a different direction.


The battle began quickly. Darren and Scott fought with the Double-headed King and the Dragon King.

"Go to hell!" Darren screamed. He was furious and fighting with all his strength.

"Well, well done!" The Snail King suddenly cut off a grand warrior's head.

"Rolf! No!"

The other grand warriors, who were lying helplessly in pools of blood, screamed when they lost their friend. Tears brimmed in their eyes.

Although there had been minor internal disputes between the grand warriors, their friendship had been strong enough to endure fights. They had always helped each other, no matter what.

Seeing their good friend die, they were all heartbroken.

Apart from them, Darren felt a sharp pain in his heart.

They had treated him kindly when he had been weak. And when he needed assistance, they had risked their lives to help him.

But now, a mutant dared to kill his friend in front of him!

"Snail King, keep going. We can hold on."

There was only a slight difference between the Dragon King and the Double-headed King's strength and that of Darren and Scott. Darren could do nothing to stop the Snail King as he was fighting the Dragon King and the Double-headed King.

"Damn it!"

Scott was utterly infuriated by this scene.

"Ancient Void Battlefield, open!" Abruptly, Darren's roar shook the earth and mountains.

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