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   Chapter 566 Unity Of The Mutant Kings

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The falling black dragon looked like a lifeless wheat sack thrown in the air, but Scott wasn't done yet. He chased after it. Scott's tail circled the black dragon's body to bring the latter up again.

Using his claws, Scott pierced the black dragon's chest.

Blood gushed out like a waterfall.

The black dragon roared as a sharp pain shot through his body. He could hear his fast heartbeat in the ears that sounded more like horse's hoofs at a fast pace. The black dragon started flinging his arms in fear.


Darren's breath accelerated at the scene. A desire to kill the dragon rose in his heart. His grip tightened against his blade and sword, and he rushed forward. Darren raised his blade and sword to point them on the black dragon's head.

Clang! Clang!

Darren and Scott froze in the place and stared at the black dragon's body. Weren't they trying to kill the black dragon? What did they accidentally hit?

Darren and Scott had been forced to retreat and flew backwards for a long distance by an incomparably hard thing.

Darren's chest moved faster, but he didn't have time to rest. His eyes landed back to where the black dragon was. He furrowed his eyebrows at the scene.

A mountain size shell enveloped the black dragon's body completely.

"Snail mutant!" Darren's eyes widened at the realization. His opened mouth looked like it was inviting a bunch of flying insects to enter. He had never thought that such a big snail mutant would appear.

Darren's face went ghastly pale as he remembered the hard surface of the shell. Darren's divine blade and sword were known for their strength, and they failed in front of the snail mutant's shell. Why the snail mutant seemed to be similarly strong? He glanced back at the hard thing with shaky breath.

A smooth head popped out from the shell.

"Human beings, you have been poisoned by me." The snail mutant paused for a moment and squinted his eyes. "Now, you'll all die."

His sharp voice echoed in Darren's ears.

Darren's heart raced, and his palms became sweaty. At that time, he felt a nudge from Scott. The latter pointed at his hands. It was then Darren realized that it really happened. He could see his skin being tainted with pools of purple mucus. His nose wrinkled at the scene, and he looked back at the similarly troubled Scott.


The mucus acted like an insect at that moment and crawled on Darren's skin. A shrill escaped his mouth because of piercing pain.

This poison was very powerful!

Even the dragon body of Scott, who was not far away from him, started to emit purple smoke. The dragon scales had been corroded.


Darren and Scott looked at each other and rushed toward the snail mutant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dragon claws, the divine blade and sword, like illusions, crashed into the snail shell.

The weapons pounced back with the impact, and they flew back. Darren and Scott narrowed their eyes at the snail mutant, but it didn't even move.

The defense of the snail mutant was too powerful!

"Hey, human beings! Are you trying to break my defense? You must be daydreaming," the snail mutant snorted. "I am not going to play with you. See you later."

The snail mutant once again stretched out his head and looked at Darren and

He hesitated.

"If you don't want to cooperate with me, then get out! I'm fine without you! Let's see how you kill those humans." The Snail King's face twisted to form a disdainful look.

The Double-headed King clenched his four fists and then opened them.

"Fine! As long as I can kill people, I don't care about other things. Call me in!"

The Double-headed King looked at the Snail King without blinking. He was the kind of mutant that was born to slaughter human beings.

"Ha-ha, I hope we will have a good cooperation. That human bloke beat you like this. In my opinion, we should first find the whereabouts of his friends and relatives and kill them!" The Snail King's face wriggled with a smile, which looked more disgusting.

"Good idea." Dark shadows started swimming in the Dragon King's eyes at the thought of the two humans who nearly killed him. His jaw tightened, and he looked at the two kings beside him. With their help, he would take his revenge.

In the Heavenly Palace Sect, two exhausted figures stumbled as if they would fall any minute.

"Darren, Scott, are you all right?"

Darren and Scott looked around only to find that a group of strong human warriors had surrounded them.

"We are fine. We were just poisoned by a giant snail, and feel a little bit uncomfortable."

Many people's faces changed when they heard this. They knew that the poison of the Snail King was incomparably hazardous. If a person was poisoned, it would be challenging for him to detoxify.

"That's dangerous! What are you going to do now?" one of the warriors asked worriedly.

Scott's face softened, and he glanced at a few of them. "It doesn't matter. I can use the aura of dragon blood to remove the poison, and it will only take a few days. Darren can also use the same method. Let's go." Darren's shoulders relaxed at the words. He knew Scott would find a way of detoxification.

Then, they went into closed-door cultivation to detoxify themselves.

In the meantime, something big happened in the Chasm Clan. The elder, who was in control of the fishing net, was killed by someone, even though the elder was under the protection of lots of powerful masters.

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