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   Chapter 565 Fleeing And Hunting

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The Double-headed King's claws drew closer to Darren's head. It was too late. He had no choice but to face the upcoming blow head-on.


A loud crack was suddenly heard.

Like a phantom, a dragon tail swooped towards the Double-headed King's skeleton. In a split second, the skeleton deviated from its original direction, and Darren was luckily out of its attack's range.

At that moment, Darren saw that the dragon tail was Scott's, and it was badly mutilated from his attack on the Double-headed King.

Darren was in awe. He was far away from Scott. If Scott hadn't been keeping an eye on the fight between Darren and the Double-headed King, he wouldn't have been able to save Darren in time. Darren might have been severely injured, possibly on the brink of death.

But Darren had to focus. He didn't have the time to show his gratitude towards Scott at such a crucial moment. He rushed forward, trying to find the heads of the mutant he was fighting.

The Double-headed King must be destroyed, and he couldn't let him escape!

He chased the mutant but to no avail. In desperation, Darren released the spiritual sense and the Spirit Power, the range of which could cover thousands of kilometers around. Much to his dismay, he could not find the king's heads.

"Damn it! He escaped!" In frustration, Darren bellowed and turned around to return to where he was.

Upon arriving, he examined the area to find Scott. He found him lying on the ground, looking lifeless. Darren hurriedly moved towards him.

He examined Scott's abdomen and found it was pierced by the claw of the black dragon, and its tail hit Scott's head causing significant damage.

Scott's injuries were severe, all because he aided Darren when he was in danger and needed his help.

Realizing this, Darren growled in fury at Scott's state.

He knew that if Scott hadn't helped him, he wouldn't have been injured by the black dragon so easily.

Quickly, he rushed towards the black dragon using the Teleportation Skill.

Darren attacked the black dragon using his divine blade and divine sword; the golden dragon patterns sparkled, which made the black dragon's huge body tremble.

"You humans, you both must die!"

The scales on the black dragon's body were crushed into pieces by Darren, and the Dragon King turned more ferocious as he felt the pain.

Darren furiously fought against the black dragon in order to give Scott a chance to rest.

Although he was seriously injured, Scott didn't lose his fighting power.


Scott shouted angrily and formed hundreds of avatars, which merged with his body, granting him more power.

This was Scott's most powerful skill, the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan.

Why did he hide it earlier, only us

"Oh?" Darren had a hunch that the black dragon was going to use every skill he had. Not wanting to give him any chance, Darren threw himself at the black dragon while releasing his dark gold internal force.

However, to Darren's surprise, the dark gold internal force could not hurt the black dragon as his physical strength was exponentially increasing.

"In order to kill you, I burned my dragon soul. It doesn't matter, because you deserve to die!"

the black dragon roared angrily.

His claws broke the limit of the space and hit Darren directly.

The Dark Emperor's Armor on Darren's body created black runes to surround him.

'It's a pity that my avatar can't activate the attack carried by the Dark Emperor's Armor, otherwise I can definitely kill this black dragon!' Darren thought helplessly.

In face of the immense power, he had no choice but to withstand it with the Dark Emperor's Armor.

Darren was hit by the black dragon and was thrown away like a shooting star. Apart from that, the vibration from the attacks also had a substantial impact on his real body.

But the attacks were not enough to kill Darren.

"What the heck!" The black dragon was astonished.

The power of his blow after he burned his soul was as strong as that of a seven-star human grand warrior and this blow could easily kill any six-star grand warriors.

But, he felt that when he hit Darren, his strength had been resisted at least half, and it seemed to have bounced back, which made him suffer a big shock.

This made him resentful and desperate. If he couldn't kill this human, it was likely that he wouldn't be able to escape today. He'd be destroyed.


Just as he was stunned, the tail of a cyan dragon suddenly appeared and hit the black dragon in his body.

The black dragon fell down like a black shooting star.

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