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   Chapter 564 Fighting Against The Double-headed King

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"Darren, you deal with the Double-headed King. I'll handle the inferior dragon." Scott's cold voice echoed in Darren's mind. A strong sense of confidence accompanied Scott's declaration.

"That dragon is strong. Are you sure you can do that, Scott?"

When he witnessed the colossal body of the black dragon, Darren was afraid that Scott might not be able to defeat it.

"Although I'm not sure if I can kill him, I'm pretty confident that I am not weaker than him. I want to fight him first to test his strength. You should be careful as well. That double-headed mutant is no easy fight. He's as strong as a six-star grand warrior at the top level," Scott said worriedly, as he could tell that Darren's combat power was at the beginning stage of a six-star grand warrior. The Double-headed King could be stronger than him.

"Don't worry. I have powerful defenses and to tell you the truth, this is just my avatar. It doesn't matter if it is killed," Darren said with a collected tone.

Scott cast a surprised glance at Darren, who was actually an avatar. With great astonishment, he couldn't believe how easily the real Darren could control his avatar. Nonetheless, Scott composed himself and didn't ask anymore. They prepared themselves for the fight against the mutants.

Of course, the death of Darren's avatar would have detrimental effects on his soul. He said that just to make Scott focus on the fight and not worry about him. Such a declaration was only to lessen Scott's worries.

The battle would come sooner or later. Scott decided to take the initiative and directly shot his body at the black Dragon King. A fierce aura surrounded his body as he aimed for the mutant.

With great haste, Darren then dashed towards the Double-headed King. A serious expression painted the mutant's face as he gathered his strength to face Darren.

"Damn it! How dare you attack me! Know your places, imbeciles!"

the Double-headed King roared. With his brutal strength, he immediately attacked Darren. Four hands delivered countless punches towards Darren.

Darren had to admit the Double-headed King was really powerful. The oppressive pressure almost overwhelmed him.


Without any hesitation, Darren condensed his energy. Immediately, a majestic dark gold internal force was released by him directly towards the Double-headed King.

Even the space which was already very stable was torn up. Multiple space cracks suddenly materialized and twisted in the surrounding environment.

The powerful dark gold internal force collided with the Double-headed King's four palms. A painful sensation radiated from the Double-headed King's fists.

The Double-headed King retreated after a blare. The expression on his faces remained ferocious as if he was about to swallow Darren.

However, his four palms bled excessively. Red blood flowed viciously from his large palms. He was already injured after a single blow.

"Well, the double-headed beast is really powerful! What a tough body it has. Even my dark gold internal force wasn't enough to break its arms!" Darren was also shocked by the result. His dark gold internal force was much stronger than before after the second fusion. A tremendous amount of destructive power was within that skill. It was hard for Darren to believe that the Double-headed King had withstood it with his palms.

It just proved how powerful and formidable the Double-headed King was.

Darren jumped up after his attack. With in

er than the Double-headed King!" the grand warriors who knew Darren shouted excitedly. A deep admiration for him was formed in their hearts.

The attacks from the Double-headed King had no substantial damage to Darren after he wore the Dark Emperor's Armor. The brutal power of the Double-headed King wasn't even enough to make Darren flinch.

Nevertheless, the Double-headed King had to bear Darren's powerful attacks one after another. As such, his body was covered with wounds and bruises. Agony lingered throughout his anatomy as blood flowed down his mouth.

"You can die now, you miserable beast!"

As soon as Darren finished his words, he disappeared with the help of the Air-integrated True Rule.

Darren was nowhere to be found, so the angry Double-headed King slammed into the air like a beast on the verge of death. A painful expression painted the Double-headed King's battered face.

Just as the Double-headed King went wild due to rage, a figure suddenly appeared again. Mighty dark gold internal force rushed towards the Double-headed King like sea waves.


When he saw this, the Double-headed King didn't take a step back. Instead, he dashed towards Darren.

However, to Darren's surprise, the Double-headed King took two heads off his shoulder with all his eight arms. Immediately, he tossed them at his back before the dark gold internal force hit him.

"What the hell is he doing?" Darren was stunned with the Double-headed King's weird actions.

"Damn it! He's running away!" A surprised expression painted Darren's face as he realized the Double-headed King's devious plan.

But when Darren tried to chase after the heads, the gigantic body of the Double-headed King came closer to him.

The dark gold internal force was so fierce that only a skeleton was left of the Double-headed King's body. However, the body did not retreat since the Double-headed King used all the strength he had got. With intense speed, it charged towards Darren.

The ferocious bloody bone claws stabbed at Darren's head at the same time. With great sharpness, the claws tried to puncture Darren's face.

Darren had no way of dodging the blow, which was as powerful as the blow of a seven-star grand warrior. A vicious predicament had befallen upon him towards the end of the intense battle.

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