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   Chapter 563 The Arrival Of Two Kings

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In just three seconds, the long spear swiftly pierced the human that was flying over.

"What? I've never seen such a desperate man like you." The double-headed mutant general was overly confident with his technique with a spear. Even a five-star grand warrior, who was at the same level as he, dared not to resist his spear directly, and had no choice but to scurry. As for such an insignificant human, he stood absolutely no chance against this spear.


Unexpectedly, something terrible happened. The spear shattered into pieces upon hitting Darren's chest.


The mutants in the sky were all startled. Their faces showed disbelief.

The young man fearlessly took the blow of that spear from the double-headed general himself. He was not only safe and sound, not even injured, but his body was strong and powerful that it smashed the spear into pieces!

They all wondered, in great confusion, 'How could there be such a powerful existence among the humans of this world?'


The legendary fishing net wouldn't pose any restraints on human beings, so people could rush out unharmed.

Knowing that, Darren had rushed into the mutants like a comet. Nothing could stop him!

"How terrifying that power is!"

Everyone felt the spine-chilling force emitted by his speed and the horrifying blade and sword intents. They had never felt such formidable force before other than from their own master.

Everything happened so fast that soon, myriads of light reflected from the cross of blades and swords, targeted at the mutants.

For such a time, a large crowd of mutants that were almost comparable to three-star grand warriors were slashed into pieces and fell from the sky, thus making the whole world appear to be in the color of scarlet as the sky was sprinkling with blood rain from mutants!

On the other hand, the human warriors who were watching below were all extremely shocked.

The tiny figure continued to appear here and there in the crowd of mutants. With a sword in his hand, he had ferociously killed countless mutants. How powerful he was!

"Darren, How could he be so powerful?"

whispered by one of the warriors from the Heavenly Palace Sect, who happened to know Darren.

"That's great! I'm afraid that Darren's strength is not too far from that of Dragon King and Double-headed King." They were thrilled and so excited.

In less than an hour, Darren had eliminated hundreds of thousands of mutants. These were quite a number!

The moment came where only a few mutant generals were still struggling with their lives. Darren refrained himself and did not go all out to deal with them.

"Let us go, or you will die when our king arrives!"

These mutant generals had tried to run away. But every time they wanted to slip out, their attempts turned futile as powerful blade and sword intents immediately blocked them,

nd long before the hand of that mutant general reached his head to commit suicide, it had exploded.

"Scott, I knew it was you!" Darren exclaimed in the air. His face was beaming with pride.

The figure in white, exuding a strong and cold aura, immediately appeared in the air.

"Long time no see, Darren. I'm so impressed by your power." Scott nodded at Darren, greeting him with a smile.

"Ha-ha! Welcome to join me! Let's kill these mutant scums together!" Darren flew over and abruptly stood beside Scott while looking at the sky around him. He didn't wish to waste time.

"Yes, Let's kill them all! I would like to see if these mutants of the inferior dragon race have the balls to make one of them a king."

As soon as Scott spoke, a lot of black clouds had gathered in this direction. He naturally knew who it was!

"Well, I really want to know how much power the so-called Double-headed King possessed!" Darren trained his eyes towards the other side of the sky.

Unmistakably, the Dragon King and the Double-headed King had arrived. The leader of the black mutants, however, had not been seen yet.

Instantly, two formidable forces swept the area as if the whole sky was going to collapse.


Before anyone could realize what had happened, a giant black dragon and a huge double-headed man had swiftly reached above Darren and Scott.

"Humble man, you will miserably die if you torture more my beloved generals!"

"I will make you feel the pain that is a hundred times stronger than the one that you have inflicted on my son!"

The two wild and violent sounds came in quick succession, shaking the mountains and rivers below in tremors.


Scott gazed up at the sky with a powerful and resounding shriek, sounding like it came from a dragon. Then his body soon turned into a thousand feet long cyan dragon with ferocious eyes staring dangerously at the black Dragon King.

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