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   Chapter 562 Kill

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The ordinary people were completely impressed with Darren after he killed the snail mutant.

"Thank you, sir."

"Thank you, sir."

Everyone fell to their knees and thanked Darren, sobbing uncontrollably.

But Darren wouldn't have it. "Stand up. You don't have to hide anymore, for I will kill those mutants."

With that, he soared into the sky and directly headed straight to where the mutants were gathered.

Soon enough, Darren found himself surrounded by figures cutting off his path.

"Who are you? You are not allowed to get closer."

Darren paused midair. "Who are you? Shouldn't you be protecting the ordinary people now that the legendary fishing net is about to be destroyed?"

"Ha-ha, are you kidding me? The life or death of those nonentities have nothing to do with us."

"Brat, you do know that the Heavenly Palace Sect is right ahead. This road is blocked, so you'd better step back immediately."

Darren could sense that the group standing in front of him had the strong aura of a rule cultivator.

"I know this guy. He killed two of my fellow disciples," one of them shouted.

"He's the one with the legendary beast?"

"Yes, that's him. He killed two of my disciples a few years ago and vanished. No one had heard a thing about him since then. I didn't expect to see him today."

Darren's face darkened at those words.

It immediately dawned on Darren who this group of people really were. They must have been fellow senior apprentices of Waldo, the rule cultivator in purple from Medicine Pavilion.

"We're facing some formidable enemies right now. Whatever problems we may have, can't you wait until we've dealt with them?" Darren suppressed his anger.

"Ha! You naive bastard. Who cares about these so-called formidable enemies? You are done for. Now take out that legendary beast of yours and let us kill it and drink its blood. It's the only way for you to stay in one piece!"

The rule cultivators glared at Darren viciously.

"Would you like to die?" Darren asked in an indifferent tone.

"It seems that this brat doesn't know how to appreciate favors. Just kill him already. Anyway, we've already taken control of the Heavenly Palace Sect. The border tribes promised us control over the southern land once they invade us. Then we'll be able to get whatever we want. So, you should forget about the legendary beast's blood now." That came from a wicked looking rule cultivator with a mustache.



Hearing that voice alone made the grand warriors of the Heavenly Palace Sect feel as if they were suppressed by countless mountains and couldn't breathe. Immediately, they quieted down and looked up at the sky filled with hopes and expectations.

"What? There's a human actually heading our way!"

Several mutant generals found Darren outside the fishing net.

"Humph! Once he's one kilometer away, I'll be able to kill him!"

a double-headed mutant general shouted.

"Who do you think you are? Let me do it. I'll kill him instantly!" A black-scaled mutant general, who stood aside, sneered contemptuously.

The large mutant tribes were usually hostile to each other, but they became temporarily allies in order to attack the fishing net.

"Stop arguing. Whoever kills him gets a reward. Look at that human, he seems pretty powerful. Let's fight!"

When Darren was one kilometer away from the edge of the fishing net, all the mutants started to get excited. Their attacks came at Darren one after another.

As their attacks couldn't break through his blade and sword intents that were around him, Darren wasn't concerned by their attacks. They wouldn't be able to hurt him after all.


A long spear was shot straight at Darren from above.

The spear was thrown by the five-star double-headed mutant general.

"Damn it! You are one step ahead!" The black mutant general certainly wasn't happy.

He thought the spear was powerful enough to kill that human. It was a pity he couldn't do it with his own bare hands.

To their surprise, Darren didn't dodge their attack. Instead, he dashed towards it.

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