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   Chapter 561 Darren's Avatar

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Ten days later

Mathew reappeared on the seventh floor of the Starry Tower.

A handsome young man with long black hair stood next to him. But the young man's eyes were dull, and he looked rather lifeless. He was Darren's avatar, which was created by Mathew.

"Darren!" Mathew shouted.


Darren flew toward Mathew to greet him.

"Ha-ha! Your sword and blade intents have improved again!" Mathew exclaimed. Excitement flashed in his eyes as he studied Darren.

"Sir, it's all because of Mr. Hanson Xiao's guidance. Oh, is this the avatar that you have made for me? It looks exactly the same as me, except that it appears expressionless and cold." Darren looked at the young man beside Mathew. Astonishment and eagerness coursed through him.

"Don't worry. The avatar is not finished yet. As he hasn't been infused with a soul, he can't have self-consciousness. That's why I am here. I need your help to complete the last step.

To do that, I will need to extract a strand of your soul and infuse it into his body. You need to relax during the whole process, even if you feel discomfort or pain. You must not try to resist them. I'm sorry, but it's going to be a painful process. Fortunately, it won't take long. So, please endure the pain until the process is finished," Mathew explained.

"Well, I have endured soul torturing previously. Sir, please proceed with the process. I am ready to bear the pain." Darren looked relaxed as he spoke.

Mathew nodded slightly. Then, he took out a small silver blade and stabbed it into Darren's head.

"Ah," Darren screamed when he felt the agony of his soul being split. The attack was so unexpected that he couldn't control his reaction.

Yet, soon, he calmed himself. With gritted teeth, Darren remained silent as Mathew worked on removing a strand of his soul.

It was so painful that before long, Darren's expression was distorted, and beads of sweat covered his face. Everything in front of him was blurry, and he could not see properly.

After what seemed ages, the pain finally subsided a little.

"Darren, take this," Mathew said as he handed the boy a pill.

Darren did as he was told. After that, he felt something cold in his mouth, and a sense of relaxation and ease coursed through his body. A few seconds later, Darren felt that the pain from the soul splitting had disappeared.

He began to pant heavily, as the feeling of removing a part of his soul was akin to drowning.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through this. You should rest now." Mathew knew how painful it was when one's soul was cut. Thus, he understood what Darren was feeling.

"Okay." Darren sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes as he focused on relaxing himself.

"Darren, now try to contact your avatar," Mathew suggested.

"Thank you for bringing me to life, sir." Darren's avatar, who stood beside Mathew, bowed to him with a smile.

"Well, not bad. You already can control yo

kill me? The snail tribe's defense is the best in the world. Even though you are a five-star grand warrior, you won't be able to kill me. Ha-ha!" The snail mutant sounded very arrogant.

The people on the ground had also felt Darren's strength. Soon, they knelt before him.

"Sir, please help us drive him away."

"Sir, please help us! This mutant can't be killed. We only hope that you can banish him and save us."

Some of the people who knelt on the ground had seen such snails more than once. Thus, they knew that the snails were powerful. Moreover, some of them had witnessed a human grand warrior die from snail poisoning.

Darren did not respond. He just stood in front of the snail with a cold expression on his face. In a blink, a strong killing intent burst from his eyes.

"Tell me, how did you break through our defense and get to our world? If you don't answer me, I will torture you to death," Darren stated threateningly. He needed more information before he could launch another attack against the snail.

"Ha-ha, you lowly human. Do you think our tribe needs to break through your defense? Don't you know that our tribe has been hiding in the southern land?" Apparently, the snail mutant was confident in his shell's defense power and didn't fear Darren at all.

"So, the mutants that have been dormant in the borders of the southern land are disgusting creatures like you. Good to know! You can go to hell now," Darren snarled.


Before Darren could launch an attack, the snail released a mucus attack against him.

The mucus was extremely poisonous. Even a three-star grand warrior would die on the spot if it touched him.

However, before the mucus could reach Darren, he disappeared.

The next moment, a shiny golden blade slashed at the snail's shell.

"Ha-ha, you just can't kill..." The snail mutant began to taunt Darren. However, before he could complete his sentence, he turned into a small pool of bloody water.

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