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   Chapter 560 The Cross Mark (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-28 00:02

At the same instant, Darren, as he looked down at his chest, felt his heart thumped as if horses were racing on his chest.

The weird clayed figurine was so powerful that Mathew and Hanson had to join forces and struck it twice in full force before they could kill it.

All this time, Darren was aware why Hanson had been hunted all the time was because of this mark. Thus, thinking about it, Darren knew that his strength was much weaker compared to Hanson. If things came to worst, how could he escape from the fate of being hunted down?

"Maybe it was just a coincidence. I think those creatures were after you because they sensed your aura, in the first place," retorted Mathew as he analyzed the situation at hand.

"It's more likely that they've found and marked him because of me. But fortunately, the creature was killed by us. Since this mark is not completed yet, it would not be easy for them to track Darren down," added Hanson with a somewhat guilty tone.

The creatures from the Formidable Ghostdom lived in-between spaces, too. According to their ways, they had to mark their targets to track them.

"Sir, what should I do now?" asked Darren as he calmed down a little.

"Although you are only half marked, you are still too weak, and they can find you with relative ease. If those creatures want to hunt you, you are not strong enough to resist all of them. It would be better if you stay in the Starry Tower until the avatar of the sword-eyed master descended again," suggested Mathew with a serious expression.

"I have the same advice for you, Darren, and it would be safer if you stay at the tower for the meantime. By the way, we can give you a hand on practicing the two legendary martial skills. In that way, you can enhance your strength as soon as possibl

avatar that my elder brother is going to make for you should be no less than the six-star grand warrior in terms of strength. After that, you can give your armor and the divine weapons of the sword and blade to that avatar. Although your tangible avatar can't kill the strongest mutants, you can still protect the human race in the best possible way that you can," assured Hanson. "Now, you should focus on practicing the martial arts skills gifted by your master and try to reach at least a level that is slightly stronger than an ordinary seven-star grand warrior as soon as possible.

After you get out, nobody from the side of those mutants can challenge you. Come with me now so I can help you with your practice," continued Hanson. He was determined to help Darren advance in his cultivation. As much and as fast as possible, he wanted Darren to achieve his goal.

"Yes, sir." With his spirits being lifted at the moment, Darren nodded at Hanson and followed him. After what had happened to him in the hands of that tiny creature, Darren was even more determined to accelerate his cultivation base. Never again would he allow other creatures to trample and trounce on him like that.

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