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   Chapter 559 The Cross Mark (Part One)

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Though his head was throbbing in pain, and he seemed to be losing his balance, Darren struggled to steady himself and stood his ground. Right at that very moment, he was too dumbfounded as he could hardly breathe under the pressure of the tremendous force that was pressed upon him.

In a matter of three seconds, the expression on Mathew's face also changed dramatically. His eyes popped wide as a much stronger killing sword intent burst out, rushing towards Darren.

'What was that? What happened?' Darren shouted the question in his heart, his face pale, and his knees trembling, but he could not speak a word. Not a single word escaped his mouth as his voice was totally inaudible amidst the rumbling sound of the clashing intents.


Following the intense impact of the clash, cracks suddenly appeared in the space of the Starry Tower. The tower was on the verge of collapsing as it was nearly smashed into pieces by both Mathew's and Hanson's power.

"Phew! Phew! Ha-ha!"

A few seconds later, as the smoke and dust drifted off, a child-like, sharp voice was heard.

When Darren heard the voice, he was astounded that he was still alive. All the while, he thought the deadly powers from Mathew and Hanson were aimed at him. But instead, he was protected by the potency and infallibility of the stronghold provided by Mathew and Hanson. Even the pressure he felt earlier seemed to have disappeared. Only a little itch was left in Darren's chest.

On the spur of the moment, while Darren was pre-occupied with what just happened, a hand appeared out of nowhere, grabbed him, and threw him recklessly in the air. He was flung effortlessly like he was just a piece of trash thrown in a bin.

At that very moment, when Darren was sent flying in the air, he caught a glimpse of a little figure. 'Was that little creature, the one who sent me flying?' he asked himself silently.


ted his finger and cut off a piece of Darren's clothes in front of his chest. Such action baffled Darren at once and made him look down at his chest. He did so to clear his mind off as to what was Hanson referring to.

Aghast and paled, the three of them were horror-stricken, and their faces darkened as their eyes were fixed at Darren's chest.

There it was, raw and glaring on Darren's chest—the mark of a half-done black cross.

"Damn it!" Hanson roared at the sight of such a mark. He was filled with horror and hopping mad at the same time. Turning to Mathew, he continued, "Those creatures are targeting Darren. He's been marked even when he is inside the Starry Tower."

Like the Formidable Ghostdom, the Starry Tower also existed between the spaces. But generally, no one dared to get close to the tower because the avatar of the young man with black and white sword eyes was carefully guarding the Starry Tower. Those who dared to come near the tower with undesirable intentions would surely die.

However, for some reason, the young man with black and white sword eyes couldn't send out his avatar to guard here for a while. Thus, those greedy and aggressive creatures from the Formidable Ghostdom took the chance and trespassed the Starry Tower.

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