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   Chapter 558 The Seven-star Grand Realm

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A ferocious black lightning struck the figure that was in the air.

Hanson waved his sword up in the sky. The black lightning converged with the tip of his sword and then streamed towards his body like a torrent.

His body and eyes continuously flashed black lightning, outlining Hanson with a current of electricity.


Suddenly, a streak of dark gold internal force surged out of his sword.

Witnessing all of these unfold, Darren was stunned.

He had never felt such a powerful force. The dark gold internal force coming from Hanson was so much stronger than his own.

Soon after, the unstoppable dark gold internal force transformed into a giant dark gold sword and a dark gold blade, and then stabbed themselves to Hanson.

A long spear made of black lightning rushed out of Hanson's body and collided with the dark gold sword and blade.

At this moment, the sky was shaking and even the Starry Tower trembled constantly.

"What's going on?" Darren curiously asked.

He hadn't expected this at all. He thought Hanson would use the dark gold internal force to deal with the black lightning. But now it was the other way round. Hanson was attacked by his own dark gold internal force, and he fought back with the help of the black lightning. How was it possible?

"Hanson will explain it to you later. It's not his only way to deal with the Heavenly Repression. It's just that the Heavenly Repression is so powerful that he can't resist it at all before getting into the Holy Realm," Mathew answered, sitting beside Darren.

Baffled with Mathew's response, Darren was unable to say anything more. His eyes were intensely fixed at the sky.

While the dark gold sword and blade and the black lightning spear fought all over the place, Hanson's incredibly striking figure remained motionless on the battlefield. It was truly a shocking scene.

The fight carried on for an hour. The black lightning spear was smashed again and again, but new spears constantly formed and fell from the sky. However, the aura became weaker each time a black lightning spear broke.

While all of these were happening, Darren was fusing the sword with blade intents. Streams of dark gold internal force wildly grew in his body. His aura had become stronger than before, and had reached an unprecedented limit.

After passing into the Grand Realm, Darren's other skills had also improved greatly. The Blade and Sword Domain and the Augmented Attack Bloodline had both reached their highest peaks.

As the process of the fusion of Darren's sword intent and blade intent was finished, the black lightning in the sky dimmed. Soon, the last black lightning spear had dissipated. The top floor of the Starry Tower became clear again, and all the haze and lightning disappeared.

Hanson successfully resisted the Heavenly Repression this time. After t

n, the dark gold internal force he had released had already disappeared. Mathew was standing in front of him, unscathed and unharmed.

"Are you satisfied now? Get up quickly." Mathew laughed at Darren and lifted him up with his force.

"That was so terrifying," Darren sighed, still suffering from the shock. The killing sword intent was so powerful, it was beyond his imagination.

"Aha! Now you know. In this world, there is almost no seven-star grand warrior who can battle against my brother.

Even more, the seven-star Grand Realm is so vast that you can't fight against a seven-star grand warrior just because you are as powerful as any other seven-star grand warrior. Do you understand?" Hanson insisted.

"I understand." Darren nodded in shame.

It was an eye-opening experience for him. The fight against Mathew made him understand that a seven-star grand warrior such as Mathew and Hanson were indeed terrifying.

"Darren, don't feel dejected. You just entered the Grand Realm, but you already have the strength of an ordinary seven-star grand warrior now. You remind me of myself when I entered the Grand Realm. So you better work hard. When you really get into the seven-star Grand Realm, you will definitely have the ability to fight against my brother and me," Mathew said, consoling Darren for his recent defeat.

"I see. I will do my best, sir," Darren replied.

"Wait. What?"

While he was hearing Mathew and Darren's conversation, Hanson suddenly frowned. His face turned ferocious, a tremendous aura bursting out.

"Bastard!" Hanson burst out with a murderous look. His voice made the sky shake. He raised his sword and blade at the same time and charged at Darren!

It all happened so fast and without warning that Darren was caught dumbfounded. He fell under the pressure of his unequaled power. He couldn't even ask why Hanson suddenly had a violent outburst.

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