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   Chapter 557 Reaching The Grand Realm

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Both Mathew and Hanson smiled faintly when they heard Darren.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's true! Barnes the Holy is in the Raksa Sea." Darren recalled his conversation with Pasquale, the Giant Ape. Pasquale had informed him that Barnes the Holy, the monkey with the golden hair, had killed the Nine-headed Serpent that had come from the outer space. Pasquale had also repeatedly begged him to save Barnes the Holy.

Confusion had coursed through Darren then. He had never imagined that the monkey Pasquale asked him to save was such a legend.

"Well, stop talking about these things. We have got something more important to do," Mathew said seriously.

Hearing this, Darren had no choice but to stop explaining.

"This is the reward that the master gave for you. Keep it carefully. The mutant tribes outside are going to break through the divine weapons. You'd better get ready to go out and deal with them as soon as possible." The reward that Mathew presented to Darren was an ordinary key.

Darren's mind cleared of all thoughts when he saw the key.

"What's this?" Darren muttered.

"This is a supreme treasure. The key is crucial to reaching the Emperor Realm. With it, you will have the right to become a holy emperor as long as your cultivation base reaches a certain level. Keep it safe. I will tell you when the time to use it is right.

And one more thing. You can be regarded as the nominal disciple of my master since you have reached the top of the Starry Tower. But, as the master can't use his avatar to come here at this stage, he cannot formally accept you as his disciple. So, he wanted me to ask whether you are willing to become his disciple,"

Mathew stated.

"Uh..." Darren hesitated.

The young man with black and white sword eyes was an invincible master from an alien world. If Darren became his disciple, he would not suffer any losses. So why not accept his offer?

"Yes, I do. But could you please let me know the identity of your master?" Darren agreed.

"Let's talk about that later. For now, you only need to know that your master is a powerful man with a strong background. He is an extremely powerful figure even in the outer space, as he can suppress all forces. This is the gift he gave for you if you accepted his offer to be his disciple. Take them," Mathew instructed.

"Well, these two legendary martial skills are extraordinary. When you completely master these skills, they can help you to improve your blade and sword intents to the extreme level. At that time, you will be as powerful as me." Even Hanson's eyes lit up when he saw the gift.



Black lightning flashed across the sky.

"Gee, the Heavenly Repression is not too powerful, is it?" Hanson stared up at the sky as he spoke. His clothes flowed in the wind as the storm grew in intensity.

In fact, after being suppressed by the golden hand, the Heavenly Repression that Darren could trigger was relatively weak. The power of the Heavenly Repression this time was not even as strong as one-tenth of that in the Raksa Sea when he broke through to the Wonder Realm.

As such, the dark gold internal force Darren generated when he fused his sword intent and blade intent was not as powerful as the original one.

As Darren's cultivation base increased, the blade intent and sword intent in his body began to grow violent. He used the Primitive Stones, which contained the Heavenly Repression Rule, to fuse them continually.

Streaks of more powerful dark gold internal force formed in Darren's body.


At this time, streaks of black lightning also began to fall from the sky.

Even though the Heavenly Repression was much weaker than that in the Raksa Sea, Darren still felt overwhelmed by the power. With each lightning flash, Darren's body quivered.


A handsome figure flew into the air and rushed toward the ferocious black lightning.

"Is Hanson going to be all right?" Darren murmured, feeling a little worried.

"You don't need to worry. Hanson has a way to resist the Heavenly Repression. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to stay alive this long. Do you forget that he is close to reaching the Holy Realm?" Mathew also stared up at the sky as he spoke.

Hearing his words, Darren nodded lightly before looking up intently. He wanted to see how Hanson resisted the Heavenly Repression.

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