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   Chapter 556 The Explanation

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Hanson nodded to Mathew.

"Darren, I was being suppressed by the Heavenly Repression and at the same time, I was also being hunted!" Hanson continued to explain.

"Being hunted?"

"Yes! It was a miracle that I survived. I could have died if it weren't for my brother who had risked his life to save me.

I was in the state of breaking through to the Holy Realm when the spiritual energy dashed within my body, which put me under the risk of causing the Heavenly Repression to arise. So, I rushed towards the Raksa Sea, desperately looking for the Primitive Stones. I prayed not to get trapped in that tormented situation. However, a special mark had been forced onto my body decades of years before I went to the Raksa Sea. Because of that mark, the mysterious killers had been chasing after me all the time."

As he ripped his clothes off, Hanson explained the black cross mark which was forced on his body.

"Sir, do you have any idea what that black mark symbolized? You had almost reached the Holy Realm! No ordinary man can ever bring down such a powerful man like you. How could they dare to hunt you?"

Darren could never imagined what kind of man could have hunted a warrior who almost reached the Holy Realm and who cultivated both the blade and sword skills as well. 'Could it be a holy emperor?' Darren thought.

"I was not hunted by a human being!" Drowning into that mind, Hanson frowned. His growing irritation was obvious.

"The demonic monsters?" Darren asked hurriedly.

"No. They are from one unknown race that you might have never heard of. They are from the Formidable Ghostdom and possess a huge amount of strength.

They lived in the inter-layer space. Not even a senior holy warrior could handle them. Crossing over beyond the worlds and through spaces, they leave marks on humans they want. Through these marks which are made on the victims, they are easily trailed and are made to obey and live under the shadows of fears of being tormented."

Hanson paused. Breaking out in cold sweat, he continued his story. "After all these years of being hunted and chased after, I had been living in fear. I couldn't recall when or how I had gotten these marks on me.

By the time I arrived at the Raksa Sea, never did I expect them to have cut in during those critical moments of my breakthrough. I could have died. But in the nick of time, a powerful cultivator of Blade and Sword Cultivation showed up and switched our souls onto each other's body using one mystical skill. I survived the attack but the attack took his life away."

A look of sadness and reluctance passed over his features. "Of course, the one

his head and wore a bitter smile on his face.

"What's wrong with you, sir?" hearing that, Darren asked immediately.

"Ah." Mathew sighed and said, "Hanson had been poisoned at the Raksa Sea. It's called the Ghost Poison. Sadly, no one could cure that. My master's power was being suppressed on this land. He could not give remedy to that poison. So Hanson could only stay in the Starry Tower and live on the precious herbs."

"Isn't that too cruel? Is there really no one that can fix that?" Darren frowned and paused towards that question.

"That is true. I've searched through thousands of books and recordings but to no avail. However, one recording said that long time ago, there was a master called Barnes the Holy who was also taken into the Formidable Ghostdom. And he had been already poisoned with the Ghost Poison before being taken.

And several days passed, he eventually returned. From that instance, the Formidable Ghostdom never showed up within the next ten thousand years. It was said that Barnes the Holy had torn up the Formidable Ghostdom into pieces. If the recording is true, only he could cure the poison. However, there are no traces of Barnes the Holy in a long time. While there were rumors that he died, there was no solid evidence to prove this," Mathew said.

"Barnes the Holy was known to be just a legend. In some books, he was known as the blonde monkey. He was the one which killed the evil monster from the outer space. This evil monster was said to be a Nine-headed Serpent," Hanson added.

Suddenly, there was a sparkling ringing in Darren's head. He had heard the exact same words before.

"Barnes the Holy? He is in the Raksa Sea!" Darren suddenly recalled the exact same words by the Giant Ape named Pasquale.

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