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   Chapter 555 Unbeatable Grand Warrior

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"Well, let's talk about this later. With your talent, you'll know more in the future.

Now that you are ready for the seventh floor, do you want to claim your reward before proceeding?" The shadow asked.

"Uh... What kind of reward?" Obviously, Darren was surprised.

"Don't you remember? I told you that once you defeat the guardian, you'll be rewarded with the blade and sword cores of your choice. If you want, I can replace your current blade and sword cores with the cores that you select."

"Replace my current cores? Do you mean that I can have this pair of purple blade and sword cores?" Darren was delighted.

But soon, he felt as though it was not so simple. So, he asked another question before the shadow could reply. "Sir, since the purple blade and sword cores are already covered with cracks, they probably don't work. Right?"

"There is no simple answer to your complicated question. Let me try to explain it to you.

Although the purple blade and sword cores seem broken, you can still restore them to the top level when they are in your possession. But that will take time and treasures. And, there's one more thing. Although the purple cores are about to upgrade, as soon as they enter your body, they will lose that opportunity.

However, your current blade and sword cores are capable of improving. Perhaps, you can refine them to a superior level in tens of thousands of years," the shadow explained.

The clarification helped Darren realize that if he replaced his current cores, he would obtain extremely powerful blade and sword intents. However, restoring the purple blade and sword cores would consume a lot of his time and resources. The catch was that he could never upgrade the purple blade and sword cores.

On the other hand, if he didn't replace his current cores, he would not attain a powerful combat force within a short time. But, his current cores still had unexplored potential.

After thinking for a moment, Darren chose the latter. He believed in his talent and felt that in the future, his current blade and sword cores could also be refined to the extreme.

"Well, I won't take the replacement," Darren replied.

"I agree with your choice. Even though the purple blade and sword cores are formidable, they didn'


The unbeatable grand warrior from thousands of years ago was standing right in front of him. Darren was too excited to talk.

After the shock wore off, doubts crept into his mind. As Hanson was alive, had Jesse lied to him? The more Darren thought about what Jesse had said, the more confused he became.

"Brat, you made it! I counted on the right person, and so did my master."

At the moment, a familiar figure walked over and stood beside Hanson.

"Brother." Hanson greeted as he glanced at Mathew.

"Sir... Hmm... I am overwhelmed. Why did Jesse tell me that you killed Hanson? Did he lie to me?" Darren couldn't help but voice his doubts.

"That is a long story. We had no choice but to spread such a rumor at that time. The truth is that Mathew died for me. That's why I am still alive." Hanson sighed.

"I have been lucky in this cruel world. Master saved me after I died. Thousands of years have passed since then. Now you've retrieved my body, and I can live again. I'm truly a lucky dog. Hah." Mathew laughed casually.

Darren was completely lost by now. The explanations provided by Mathew and Hanson had not cleared his doubts.

"Darren, you called me 'unbeatable'. However, that is not the truth. The title rightfully belongs to my brother. He is the unbeatable grand warrior," Hanson said seriously and respectfully.

"Well, let's get to the point. Tell Darren what he should know. Have you heard that it is a mess out there? It's time for him to show!" Mathew reminded Hanson.

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