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   Chapter 554 Get To Know The Legends

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In a split second, the process was done, and Darren was clad in a set of armor that was more complete now.

'After he was equipped with the Dark Emperor's Armor, this young man's safety is guaranteed. If he has a pair of boots and the Dark Emperor's Dark Token, that'll be better and he can definitely kill any seven-star warrior, ' the shadow thought to himself. It relieved him to see Darren have the protection of the armor.

Darren's consciousness had been hazy, but the moment the different parts of the armor connected with each other and covered his body, a huge stream of vital energy poured into his body and his broken bones repaired in a flash.


The sword and blade slashed at Darren at lightning speed without giving him the chance to react. It was so fast that he couldn't dodge and was thrown in the air, dropping hard against the black stone wall.

Unlike before, he felt that he was protected by a powerful force and didn't suffer anything other than a slight concussion.

While he was unharmed, he noticed that the metal creature was standing in situ but the sword and blade in its hands had visible cracks.

"What a strong armor!" Darren exclaimed.

As someone who fought against the sword and blade, he was well aware of their power. Although they weren't as hard as his own divine sword and blade, they weren't inferior either. It was only because of the shadow's help that he could get the more complete armor. So, Darren flew towards him.

"Thank you, sir!"

Darren politely cupped his hands as he spoke gratefully to the shadow.

"It's all right. You can now have a good fight." The shadow faintly nodded.

It would be difficult for the metal creature to hurt Darren because of the protection of the Dark Emperor's Armor and that offered him a good opportunity to fight against the creature again.


Darren roared and dashed towards the metal creature, brimming with determination to kill it soon.

They fought each other with all their might and made the space around the fighting area tremble again.

Even with the protection of the armor, Darren was still often hit by attacks and thrown away because he was still far weaker than the metal creature in combat power.

Yet, it didn't frustrate Darren. Because it didn't hurt at all!

"If I keep on fighting like this... I may not be killed by it but I can't defeat it either," Darren concluded.

It was still difficult for him to land a deadly blow to the creature despite that he had fought it for nearly two hours. The longer the fight dragged on, the more unfavorable it would become for him.

"Young man, you may want to try and use your blood essence to communicate with the Dark Emperor's Armor, it might help you."

The shadow was observing the fight for a long time and felt that the power of the Dark Emperor's Armor shouldn't only be used for defense. Thus, he offered Darren a slight hint.

The words reminded Darren and without any hesitation, he activated his blood essence and pou

go since he heard the information.

"Ha ha... you're quite knowledgeable but you still don't know the whole thing. The Remote Age, the Ancient Age, and the Middle Age are so long ago. Thus, we have no way to learn many things from the three ages. Yet, we do know that the period from the end of the Middle Age to the beginning of the Last Age, is not just a simple replacement and many earth-shattering events happened during that time.

During the period from the destruction of the Middle Age to the time before the beginning of the Last Age, many rulers emerged and ruled for a short period. Among them, the most famous one was Barnes the Holy, followed by the Remote Emperor, the Ruin Sword Emperor and the Dark Emperor. The four rulers all emerged at the change of ages."

The ancient history piqued Darren's interest and he asked anxiously, "Did they appear at the same time? Were they all strong holy emperors? Then, what were their rankings in strength?"

"No, they weren't born at the same time. The four never met because the new ruler wasn't born until the previous one died. Each of them was amazingly talented and their strength was far too powerful. As for their rankings, Hiram the Great has a short evaluation of them. He thought that if these four people's strengths were compared, Barnes the Holy was invincible, because when he ruled the world, he was only a senior holy warrior—one who was at the senior stage of the Holy Realm, and didn't declare himself holy emperor.

Even though he was only a senior holy warrior, he still killed plenty of very strong warriors who had reached the Emperor Realm. It was said that he met the soul of an ancient emperor but smashed the soul into pieces after he had a dispute with it. Of course, it's just a rumor and nobody could prove it."

The more Darren heard about the holy emperors, the more intrigued he was. His blood pumped through his veins as he couldn't help but imagine how strong the holy warriors and holy emperors of the past were.

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