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   Chapter 553 Life Or Death (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5986

Updated: 2020-01-25 01:47

"How strong his strength is! He is really comparable to a six-star grand warrior," Darren spoke out.

At the thought of it, Darren pitied himself, for he hadn't even reached the Grand Realm. Thus, he presumed, for sure, that he couldn't defeat the six-star martial artist, the metal creature. He had previously defeated a five-star grand warrior only because of the divine weapons he had.

It was known for a fact that there was a wide gap between the six-star grand warrior and the five-star grand warrior. One hundred five-star grand warriors couldn't necessarily beat one six-star grand warrior given a chance. Yet, on the contrary, it was a mere matter of minutes for a six-star grand warrior to kill one hundred five-star grand warriors.

Moreover, this metal creature, mastering the premium blade and sword intents, definitely owned the upper-middle level of a six-star grand warrior.

Given such circumstances, Darren couldn't win over the metal creature. Darren knew this by heart, and he had to accept the fact—whether he liked it or not.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

With a determined will, the metal creature continued to attack Darren. His only goal was to kill the challenger.

Just then, the metal creature's blade and sword intents completely shrouded Darren. Bearing the blows, Darren suddenly felt that his blade core and sword core were about to be crushed and jeopardized.

Yet, being a stalwart soldier as he was, Darren braved the pain from his inner organs and elixir field. With all his hopes drifting away, Darren wanted to escape by executing his Teleportation Skill.


Albeit as thoughts were spinning on his mind, Darren heard a sound that shocked him all of a sudden. The metal creature's blade and sword intents penetrated the space and continuously a

leaving him on the edge of the soul collapse.

Twisting and coiling at once, Darren was so racked in pain. He wanted to cry like a baby to somehow ease the pain, yet he stopped himself from doing so.

Pain was the only feeling Darren knew for now, and he had somehow gotten used to the sensation. He was almost reduced to tears, yet the brave man inside him pushed him to endure the pain.


Though Darren was almost near his death, the metal creature showed no mercy upon him and continued its ruthless attacks.

"Maybe I can help him once. But I don't know if the master would blame me," the shadow watching from afar said with hesitation. But in the next moment, he made a decision. "He can get the Dark Emperor's Armor. It's my destiny to help him. If the master wants to blame, then he can blame all he wants!"

When that metal creature was about to crush and kill Darren, a pair of bronze shoulder protectors coupled with a pair of bronze leg protectors flew directly to Darren and covered him.


A buzzing sound reverberated in space, and the bronze protectors began to connect harmoniously with Darren's incomplete armor under the lingering black runes.

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