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   Chapter 552 Life Or Death (Part One)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 6215

Updated: 2020-01-25 01:47

Along with the towering column of dust displaced off the ground, and the continuous trembling of the mountains nearby, the battlefield was a total mess. Furthermore, the entire space was filled with the dominating sound of clashing and clanging of blades and swords.

As the battle progressed, Darren was so bold that he moved toward the front of the metal creature by using his Teleportation Skill. As soon as he positioned himself in what he assumed to be the perfect spot to attack, he released his sturdy blade and sword intents abruptly.

At the same time, as it was determined to counter the attack launched by Darren, the metal creature unleashed its blade and sword intents as well.

"My blade intent and sword intent are being suppressed!"

Darren murmured to himself while frowning, astounded by what just turned out from the clash of intents. It was apparent that his blade and sword intents were weaker than that of the metal creature.

In spite of that, Darren didn't lose hope and continued to fight with the metal creature by using Teleportation Skill.


One blow after the other, Darren could cut on the metal creature every once in a while. Yet, it was a pity that its body was tough and rigid that Darren couldn't break through its defense at all.

"The Sword Intent Storm!

The Blade Intent Tide!" the metal creature called out.

At the onset, after hearing the metal creature summoning such intents, Darren was flabbergasted. He was knocked down with a feather knowing that the metal creature could use martial skills of blade and sword intent!

Seconds after, a tornado made up of sword intent and waves formed by blade intent evoked before his very eyes. Darren was held in awe and was held immobilized at the sight of such devastating intents. He was so overwhelmed that he couldn't move a muscle. It was as if h

ents. Not in his entire life, Darren had met this kind of defense.

Above all this, one fact remained true, and that was the blade and sword intents of the metal creature were much better than that of Darren's. Though, Darren doubted that the metal creature's ability to resist his attacks was the contribution of the purple blade and sword cores.

After all of Darren's full skills were blocked, he couldn't figure out other possible solutions on how to defeat the metal creature. He started to panic and grew desperate at once in his eagerness to put an end to the creature's life.

Unlucky for him, Darren didn't grab the opportunity to catch his breath. While he stood their weighing things out, the metal creature quickly turned into a shadow and dashed straight for Darren again.


With one swift blow, Darren swung his blade and sword to resist the metal creature's attack.

One hit and Darren had shaken away. The metal creature didn't stop until Darren was trounced on the black stone wall. After such a high-impact collision, Darren spewed out a mouthful of blood.

A beat and a blow, Darren was all bloody and wounded in no time. His inner organs had been swollen, and a burning pain came from inside of him.

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