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   Chapter 551 Despair And Hope (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:12

However, as he moved, a faint sound of clashing and rending was emitted.

Although very low, Darren's ears were keen enough to catch the dull din in the quietness and emptiness of the space. The statue seemed to creak like the doors of hell.

Surprisingly enough, after emitting the creaking sound, the metal statue stopped moving.

"What is happening?" Darren blurted out. It seemed to him that the statue had ceased its intention to kill him.

"Ha-ha, this is great!"

Suddenly, the shadow shouted with joy as it flew to Darren's side.

"Sir, what is happening? What is so great about the statue's stopping?" Puzzled, Darren asked anxiously.

"It appears as though you are destined to live longer. Although you had the bad luck to choose the most dangerous blade and sword cores, in the end, you are fortunate enough to escape the danger," the shadow stated gaily.

"Why is that?" Darren pushed for an explanation as he looked at the wavering shadow.

"This pair of blade and sword cores is not an ordinary type that you have encountered so far. I dare say that the strength of the metal statue will wane soon," the shadow replied with a strange confidence.

Hearing that, Darren glanced at the metal statue. He could sense that the original incredible strong aura around the metal statue was now fading.

How was that even possible?

The shadow continued his explanation, "If you can peer through it, you can find that the blade and sword cores that I transferred into its body is now full of cracks."

"Sir, do you mean that the blade and sword cores are breaking down on their own?" Rejoiced by sudden hope, Darren cried out loud.

"It is not cracking. Like I just told you, this pair of blade and sword cores is not an ordi

I right?"

"You cannot underestimate its power at this moment. Its level of the blade and sword cores is still very high for you to withstand. Although its power has diminished a great deal over the past ten days, with the support of a hard and tough metal body, the statue could still be as potent as a six-star grand warrior. You don't have much hope of winning even now," the shadow stated with a frown.

"Why is it still so strong?" Darren cried out in despair. Darren was at the premium blade and sword intent level. He thought that the purple blade and sword cores were amazing as they provided the metal statue with the strength of a six-star grand warrior in such a short period.

"I cannot wait any longer. This is my last chance to get out of here alive!"

Darren was resolved to confront the statue. He felt that compared to his earlier dismal circumstances, the fate that lay ahead of him had brightened.

So, without further hesitation, he sprang up and raced toward the metal creature.

Almost at the same time, the metal creature's eyes flew open, and once again, a strong blade intent and sword intent blazed out and filled the whole space.

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