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   Chapter 550 Despair And Hope (Part One)

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Staring at the blade and sword cores that glinted with dazzling purple light, Darren could not help but let out a cry of wonder and disappointment.

What would happen if the blade and sword cores of such a high level were affixed to that metal statue? The power the metal statue would obtain would be beyond his imagination!

"Your luck is bad today. Even if it were a cyan core, you would still have a slim chance of winning. Do you want to give up?" the shadow asked with a sigh.

"No, I won't give up just yet," Darren replied obstinately.

Given the current situation, he knew that surrendering would mean having to stay in the Starry Tower forever, with no chance of escape. Darren was not ready to accept that fate.

"Then there is no way around but to challenge the metal statue guardian. The ensuing fight will be a matter of life and death. Once the battle begins, I will lose all control over the situation. Do you understand?" Thinking that Darren was likely to be slain in the fight, the shadow grew concerned and warned him.

"I understand. I would rather fight to the death than be imprisoned in this hideous place!" Darren persisted.

Now that Darren had made up his mind, the shadow realized that there was no way to dissuade him. "Well, then, I wish you luck. But don't forget what happened here in the past. There was a seven-star grand warrior, who was as resolved as you are right now. Although his strength was in extreme spear skill, he was unlucky enough to encounter a metal statue whose strength was equivalent to that of a warrior at the Holy Realm. Had he given up, he would be breathing now." The shadow paused, as if lost in thought.

Darren knew that the shadow was speaking about the same cultivator whom Mathew had mentioned earlier.

It was said that in the sixth level test, the metal statue

illed with killing intent released by Darren and the metal statue. It was clear that neither opponent would give up until the other one was slain.

To Darren's surprise, the blade and sword intents that wafted around the metal statue gradually grew so dense that they became impossible for him to overcome them.

"Is that extreme sword intent and extreme blade intent? How very formidable they are!" Darren cried in wonder.

Anyone would feel a great sense of helplessness and uneasiness when confronted by such a potent blade intent and sword intent. As for Darren, he could not remember when he faced such a big challenge before.

He perceived that the power of the metal statue exceeded the power of any seven-star grand warrior he had seen so far. He even wondered whether the statue was powerful enough to compete against a cultivator from the Holy Realm.

"As there seems no hope of getting out of here alive, I shall fight till the end of my breath." Although despaired, Darren now understood that the path that lay before him was extremely dangerous.

The metal statue took a step toward Darren. Although it was only one step, the blade and sword intents that circled his leg stirred like an enormous wave.

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