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   Chapter 549 The Choice (Part Two)

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"Are you the guardian of the sixth floor?" Darren asked staring at the shadow with caution.

"No, I am not the guardian. It is the guardian." The shadow pointed to the silver metal body that was lying next to him.

After taking a quick glance at the metal body, Darren realized that it was another type of ruthless creature. The only difference was that it was still dead, unlike the ones Darren had seen on the third floor, which were alive and moving.

"Sir, I have a question." Darren's head snapped up at the shadow.

"Yes, what is it?"

"These blade and sword cores...were these left here by the ones who had practiced both sword and blade at the same time?"

The blade and sword cores didn't look like they were randomly discarded in the pond. They were rather meticulously placed in pairs. For every blade core, there was a sword core of the same color placed right next to it. The sight of it had impelled Darren to ask the question.

"Yes, you are absolutely right. There are eighteen thousand pairs of blade and sword cores in this pond. Some of them are powerful, while the rest are weak. If you are lucky enough, you will get to choose a pair that is weak for your opponent, which will increase your chance of winning and survival. But I need to remind you that if you are not lucky enough and happen to choose the blade and sword cores of the colors of cyan, blue or worse purple, I suggest you to give up," the shadow said.

"Give up? Why?" Darren knitted his brows in confusion.

"Well, if you accidentally choose a pair at the level higher than yours, you will have absolutely no chance of winning your opponent," the sh

buzzing sound inside. Some of the most powerful blade and sword intents were agitated and were waiting to be unleashed.

Darren watched the blade and sword cores glow in the pond. It was a beautiful sight.

"I see an orange pair of blade and sword cores shining, but the light is meek.

Oh, those yellow pairs of blade and sword cores are also glowing and they are slightly stronger than the orange ones,"

Darren mumbled in awe. He finally began to understand the rule of this game. The blade and sword cores that were chosen by him was the pair that was shining the brightest.

The blade and sword cores in the pond were still twinkling as Darren's blade and sword intent travelled in the pond. Darren stared into the pond with rapt attention and prayed that the cores chosen by him were not above the level of blue.

"Okay, that will do. I must say that luck isn't in your favor."

The face of the shadow twisted for a second and he extended his hand. A pair of blade and sword cores came flying towards him.

"They are purple!" Darren stared at the pair of cores in astonishment.

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