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   Chapter 548 The Choice (Part One)

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Just as Darren was slowly proceeding up the ladder, one step after the other, the middle-aged man flew up and landed right next to him.

"Hey kiddo, where did you learn to transform the state of your physical body into a virtual body?" The middle-aged man's face twitched in shock at this revelation. He was still trying hard to process what he had witnessed.

"Sir, with your skill and experience, I'm sure that you can figure it out yourself," Darren said smiling at him.

The middle-aged man paused for a moment and his eyes were deep in contemplation. After a while, his face broke into a happy grin as he realized the rationale behind it. He saluted Darren out of sheer respect. "You really are a genius. I just figured out how you were able to do it. I truly admire your skill and wit."

"Oh, come on. That was nothing. No one had thought about doing it in the past, which was why you couldn't think of it right away. It's actually pretty simple." Darren smiled. His tone was as serene as his face was.

"Yes, you're right!" The middle-aged man chuckled. "You deliberately let me catch you, so that you could figure out this technique by watching me transform between the two states. Moreover, your understanding of this skill is so profound that even I could not catch you, which is indeed very impressive.

I had never thought that you were gifted in learning and understanding the rules with such ease. Congratulations, kiddo! You have made it! You can move on to the next floor!" The middle-aged man was excited and marveled at the ingenuity Darren had demonstrated when he made it through this test.

However, the reason why Darren could easily understand the technique of the middle

blue and purple. Purple was the highest level of all. Once the blade and sword cores of this level were acquired and condensed, one could activate the extreme sword intent or extreme blade intent even without cultivating it.

It was extremely difficult to condense a purple blade core or a purple sword core. There were millions of geniuses of sword cultivation, but only very few were capable of condensing a purple core.

Even Darren being the genius he was, could only condense green blade and sword cores, at this stage. Green cores were inferior to purple cores.

"What would be the task on this floor?"

Darren said aloud, after regaining his composure. That was the most important question to be answered before he could take a step further. He felt that the test on this floor would require him to do a task with the blade and sword cores.

"It is simple. You pick a pair of blade and sword cores for me to fit into this body. And then you should fight against this body in a battle. If you win this battle, you will pass this test and enter the next one,"

a shadow that had appeared next to Darren boomed loudly.

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