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   Chapter 547 A Boring Game

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The warmth around the place started to increase, making sweats drip from Darren's forehead at once. With his legs crossed and his spirits in deep meditation, Darren sat firmly on the ground. He recalled repeatedly in his mind the scene when he first saw the guardian of the fifth floor.

Though the scene lasted only a quarter of an hour, yet it flashed in Darren's mind many times.

Just as he was in the act of meditation, at one and the same instant, Darren also recalled how he attacked the middle-aged man, in addition to a few brief conversations that they had earlier.

"No fight means that I cannot depend on skills.

I can't attack him, but he can attack me in return, and his power is far better than mine,"

Darren muttered while meditating, along with his calm and stalwart stature at the moment.

Sun, moon, and stars, together with the clouds that seldom brought forth rain, alternately dominated the sky. Days passed by so quick that it had been a month since Darren started his meditation.

"Oh! So that was it! I get it!"

Like a nocturnal owl that awakened from a whole day of sleep, Darren suddenly opened his eyes and released his inner power to shake the dust that accumulated and clung in his body.


With his hands stretched resembling the eagle's wings, Darren swiftly flew down to the base of the high ladder.

"Huh? Do you want to barge in by yourself?" out of nowhere, the middle-aged man said dryly, breaking the silence with his raspy voice.

"If I don't give it a try, how would I know if I can do it? What do you think?" Darren asked while turning his head, waiting for the man's response.

"Please," the middle-aged man said coldly while he was stretching his hand, pointing it towards the high ladder.


Contingent upon the moment, Darren stepped on the ladder, took a deep breath, stooped a little, and ran up as quickly as he could.

Judging from the speed of his sprint, it would take him at least an hour to reach the end of the high ladder.

He was midway the ladder panting and almost out of breath when the middle-aged man caught Darren and pulled him down.

As an aftermath of such action, Darren fell from the high ladder. Down he went, almost to the starting point.

Considering the middle-aged man's potent strength in pulling Darren down, he fell on the ground with a sickening thud. But then again, he stood up calmly and patted the dust off his body.

"Continue?" the middle-aged man said in an ironic tone while his brows were raised suspiciously.

"Of course,"

Darren retorted, energized and more excited this time. As he dashed towards the high ladder again, he left a puzzling smile behind for the middle-aged man to ponder.

Correspondingly, the middle-aged man dashed with speed way faster than Darren and reached out for him again.

This time, however, as he saw the middle-aged man approaching, Darren flew away from the high ladder. The instant he made a safe distance away, he began to attack the middle-aged man at once.


Realizing that Darren made such a reckless action, the middle-aged man sneered and allowed Darren to hit him. He was confident that Darren's attacks wouldn't reach him.

"Do you think you can kill me when I transformed into my physical body to pull you down the ladder? You're too slow, weak even.

Besides, my power is way much stronger than yours. Even

n my current level, no matter how I improve my speed, I can't be on par with your speed," retorted Darren towards the middle-aged man. By this time, hearing Darren's words made the man confused whether Darren was praising him or insulting him.

"It's not certain. If you had just carefully looked for it, you would find that there are many speed creatures at the edge of the space. As long as you patiently capture and kill them, you will accumulate the Speed Rule. In a year, your speed is likely to exceed mine," the middle-aged man explained while his head cocked to the side in an arrogant expression.

After hearing that, Darren shook his head with a deep sigh.

"Well. I guess this is where your journey ends. Are you sorry now? Do you regret what you have done? But it's too late now. Even if you had started collecting the speed creatures a few months ago, you still couldn't make it."

"No, I don't. I don't regret anything, nor was I sorry. I just think that I've overestimated you and the master of the Star Tower. It turns out that the test is only for my speed and patience. I thought all the while that it was designed to test the mind and wisdom," Darren said.

"How dare you! I'll need to teach you a lesson after making sure that you'll stay here forever."

To Darren's surprise, the middle-aged man's anger was triggered by his words. He snapped out of his wits after he heard Darren's words. 'What does he mean to have overestimated the master of the Starry Tower and me? Can I forgive such people who are so incompetent and speaks about madness?' the middle-aged man thought.

"Forget it. I will continue my mission in trying to break through this high ladder," Darren said and walked toward the high ladder, while shaking his head.

Unable to believe Darren's unyielding determination to pass the test, the middle-aged man just gave out a sigh. Soon enough, the moment Darren was halfway through the high ladder, the middle-aged man snorted and prepared to stop Darren.

Yet, as he neared the climbing warrior, the middle-aged man's eye widened in terror. He was really shocked by the scene in front of him.

"You..." the middle-aged man stared at Darren, and cursed him at once. His face was terror-stricken and was full of shock.

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