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   Chapter 545 A Mountain Of Primitive Stones (Part Two)

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"Okay, then," Darren said, mirroring her careless demeanor. "I believe you about the bead. I was only being curious. But what's it about the demon? What made him so special?"

She gave him a sly smile. "Well, I'm not exactly sure. I don't know everything my master does. But as for that bead, I did see someone get poisoned by it. Someone much, much more powerful than you, and I can tell you it didn't end well for him. In fact, you may just meet him, and he can tell you all about it himself."

Darren shook his head, irritated by Anna's behavior. Despite having made such a fuss about the bead, she now showed herself unable, or at least unwilling, to give any facts in support of her argument. All the same, Darren decided to let the matter drop. After all, it was only a bead. Even if it actually was beneficial somehow, he surely could do just fine without it.

He remembered then how Mathew had told him there were Primitive Stones on the fourth floor, which was where he was at right now. If he could get his hands on those stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule, he would be able to work on increasing his own strength toward the level of the Grand Realm.

"Well, right now I'm more interested in what's waiting for me on the fifth floor. I'm kind of looking forward to getting up there."

Saying this, Darren looked over at the site of his latest battle. The demon on this floor was a real livng beast, so he couldn't come back to life. The moment the demon was killed, a stairway leading up to the next floor had appeared there.

Already excited, he sent his spiritual sense probing up the passage, only for it to be stopped cold.

It was shocking enough t

asked and helped you as best as I could. What have I done to annoy you?"

Darren decided to get right to the point. "You don't listen to anything I say, all the while trying to convince me of your own groundless speculations. Besides that, you talk too much."

"How dare you!" Enraged, Anna stamped her foot—or tried to, since they were still a good distance off the ground. The way she saw it, she had been nothing but nice to Darren, but nobody she could remember had ever treated her with such contempt.

"Fine, then! I'll stop following your stupid ass. It's your loss, anyway!" Having said this, she turned away and flew off, humiliated.

Half a year flew by as Darren turned his full attention to seeking out the Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule. He searched meticulously, shaking every tree and turning over every stone.

At long last, he discovered an enormous mountain hidden in a vast stretch of lava. This would have been impressive on its own. Adding up to his astonishment, the mountain itself was made out of the Primitive Stones that contained the Heavenly Repression Rule!

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