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   Chapter 544 A Mountain Of Primitive Stones (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-23 02:16

From the start, Darren had had the upper hand in this battle, thanks to the divine weapons. Not only did it boost his strength, but it also suppressed that of the demon. He was about as powerful now as a five-star grand warrior at the top level.

The demon's chest heaved as he took laborious breaths, and his eyes flashed with brutal ferocity. He was never one to gracefully accept defeat.

"You lowlife. I cannot believe you would stoop to using those divine weapons to suppress me. How unspeakable and shameful of you!"

The demon took a moment to grind out these wrathful words. As soon as he was done, though, he did something that was way beyond Darren's comprehension.

In a fast, deliberate motion, he lifted a razor-sharp finger and jabbed it into his own head. Moaning and grumbling painfully, he dragged his hand downward, making a wound that traveled all the way down his middle.

With further hideous noises, the demon tore at his own chest, the two halves of his face twisting and twitching until he'd at last pulled himself in two.

But as soon as the two pieces had completely separated, they began to regenerate, reforming until now two whole demons stood, ready for combat.

Darren's face was screwed up in disgust as he observed this revolting spectacle. 'Well, damn! That was gross. I've never seen anything like that before!' Nevertheless, he wasn't particularly alarmed. After all, he was sure he could handle two demons about as easily as one.

However, to his shock and dismay, the two newly-formed demons immediately began to tear at themselves just like the one before, intending to repeat the process of generating more avatars.

"Shit! This looks really bad for me!" Darren exclaimed.


u take that thing and keep it on you, I assure you that you will die a very horrible death. It's no joke!"

"Are you serious?" asked Darren, frowning. "What makes it so dangerous?"

"The Starry Tower is a place full of temptations and traps," the young lady explained, "and this purple bead is one of them, set for those who are greedy and insatiable. If you so much as touch that thing, you will be poisoned with an incurable drug and your flesh will melt away over the course of three days before you finally die. Doesn't sound very pleasant, does it?"

"What kind of poison is this? Can it really be that strong?" Darren knew for a fact that he was tough, and it was hard to believe that any mere poison could even penetrate his skin. Besides that, he wasn't going to take anything Anna told him at face value.

She shrugged at him. "You don't believe me, do you? I can see it in your eyes. You know what? Go ahead and touch it. See for yourself. But before you do, you should know that that bead can even kill someone at a much higher level than yourself. Someone like this demon you just killed, or someone who has reached the Holy Realm!"

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