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   Chapter 543 Divine Weapons Of Blade And Sword

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While Anna was still stuck on the roller coaster of awe, the cloud of light in one of the time turbulent flows started to oscillate fiercely. At the same instant, a figure slowly fluttered out of the flow with a distorted shape. It returned to normal state when it left the cloud of light.

Anna glanced at him steadily. Spontaneously, she felt that his auras of the blade intent and sword intent were very powerful, blasting to the surroundings.

"What exactly just happened? Why do I feel your blade intent also expands to the premium stage?" Once Darren was out of the range of space cracks, Anna flew towards him right away.

"Is there anything wrong?" Darren interrogated calmly.

"Of course something is wrong! Be honest with me now, do you know about the method to cultivate the premium blade intent?" Anna bombarded him with another question.

"No, I know nothing about it," Darren responded while pretending not to care about the question she asked.

"I don't trust your words. I would rather frisk you to believe what you just stated." Anna curled her lips furiously.

"Why the hell are you acting so strangely? Why would I even lie to you? Plus, does it have anything to do with you whether I know the method to comprehend premium blade intent?"

"Fine, I believe you." Anna nodded, proceeding to state, "It amazes me how without martial formula, you have grasped premium blade intent on your own. You indeed are sort of gifted."

"Umm! You can say. But feel free to think that fortune was in my favor. Where is the passage to the fourth floor? It's time to go to the next floor," Darren asked.

"Err......" Anna hesitated for a while and uttered, "I am not underestimating you. But trust me, even if you have comprehended both premium blade intent and premium sword intent, you stand no chance to beat that demon. And, I truly mean it! Please don't go to the fourth floor. I hope you understand?"

Darren observed that there was no contempt in Anna's eyes at this point. He answered with a faint smirk on his face, "You really need not worry about me! Well, you really think in the past three years in the time turbulent flow, I have only elevated blade and sword intents, huh?"

"So, have you comprehended any other skills? What are they? Are they powerful? Show me, otherwise stop bragging." Anna was genuinely anxious to know about his powers from the bottom of her heart.

"Whatever you thought is correct, okay? I don't want to argue with you." Darren was impervious to what Anna thought. He stated, "Guardian, please open the passage to the fourth floor."

In the Starry Tower, as long as the challenger asked the guardian to open the passage, the latter could not decline their requirement. For this was against the rules.


The floor vibrated for a bit. After that, a high ladder protruded towards the sky, appearing right in front of Darren.

Darren's figure soon vanished and then emerged on the high ladder, directly escalating towards the top.


pening. However, she could sense scary blade and sword intents blasted all of a sudden, making her both surprised and joyful. She was proud of Darren too now.

"Why do his auras of the blade and the sword intents elevate a lot again all of a sudden?" Anna exclaimed in bewilderment.

The fourth floor was now a chaotic battlefield, roar and crash of metal strike mixed together echoed throughout the space. It meant Darren was fighting fiercely with the demon. Out of Anna's imagination, Darren had not been killed quickly.

Four hours had passed by now.

"Such powerful weapons." In the thick fog, the demon was out of breath and gross liquid dripped out of his mouth to the ground. It was his purple-black blood.

On the contrary, Darren was just slightly disheveled, but his breath was steady. The blade and sword holding in his hands were different from what they looked before. Vintage dragon pattern was engraved on their surfaces and they were covered by light golden halo.

"No wonder you are divine weapons. Because of you, I am way much stronger now!"

The blade and sword in Darren's hands were exactly the legendary weapons of Shaoyan Clan handed down from their ancestors.

Actually in the time turbulent flows, Darren spent three months to grasp the premium sword intent. After that, out of a whip, he started to study the blade intent. By just relying on his excellent talent, he successfully grasped the premium blade intent within two years.

During the last few months, Darren tried to control these three divine weapons and learnt about them. Apart from the spear that was not controlled by him, Darren could integrate well with both the blade and the sword. But now the integrating degree was less than thirty percent after a couple of months.

Although Darren hadn't mastered the divine weapons of blade and sword very well yet, he could sense how extraordinary he now was. This explained why he had been confident that he could defeat the demon in the first place.

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