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   Chapter 542 Reaching The Premium Stage (Part Two)

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"Where on earth are the time turbulent flows?" Darren asked Anna again, shifting his gaze towards the lady who kept her silence after being ignored.

"You're really an idiot. After I've told you so much about the possible dangers of facing the devil, I can't believe you still choose to leave and take risks. Okay, then I will show you the location of the time turbulent flows, and you check it by yourself," Anna said in a huff. Unable to wrap her head at how hard-headed Darren was, Anna just rolled her eyes at him while shaking her head in disbelief. After which, she threw upon him a sheepskin map bearing the location of the time turbulent flows.

And then, Darren took the map, studied it for a few minutes and without saying a word, flew away. He didn't even bother to look back and express his gratitude to Anna, which made the latter even more annoyed.

After two days of flight, meeting the weird air, and changing weather, Darren landed on a cold and secluded area.

The space in that area where he landed was precarious. Horrible black cracks could be seen everywhere. Those cracks were called the space cracks and were scattered all over the place. Darren was familiar with such cracks. He knew very well that, once anyone was sucked into the space cracks, it would be hard for him to survive.

Among these space cracks, Darren also saw numerous colorful clouds, which seemed to be very distorted and were continually changing shapes. According to the mark on the map, such an area should be the place where the time turbulent flows were located.

However, the function of those time turbulent flows in the area was not merely to slow down time. Some of them could accelerate time, as well. It was possible that when a warrior spent more than two months inside the time turbulent flows, one year had passed in the outside world. Thus, Darren knew he should make careful choices before he jumped into any of the time turbulent flows.

With his keen eyes, Darren observed each flow. After quite a few hours, he finally chose a cloud of light, also the time turbulent flow he wanted to jump in. He ducked the space cracks around and then flew

could achieve such powerful intent in a short time. Even she couldn't have such an achievement within three years. With her talent at the second level of the Heaven Degree together with the coaching of her master, she still used eight years to reach the early stage of the premium sword intent. Therefore, she found it quite hard to accept such a confounding fact.

'Humph! It will be useless even though you made that achievement. You still can't beat the devil, ' Anna comforted herself in her mind. Her pessimism grew at the fact that Darren had now outdone her skills. Suddenly, while she was amid her self-reverie, she felt another strong and eye-popping aura that burst out. Such strapping aura made her lose her balance and rattled her mind for a while.

"What? The aura of the premium blade intent... It's impossible. I didn't give him the method to cultivate the premium blade intent!" Anna denied spontaneously. At the most straightforward thought of it, Anna was in dire dubiousness. She just imagined that Darren had somehow improved his cultivation base, but what she was sensing right now was more than she had expected. In her desperation and rejection of the truth that Darren had advanced his sword and blade intents massively, Anna was on the verge of losing her sanity in an outmost quandary. Yet, the fact remained that Darren succeeded. The young and determined warrior made it—he had advanced to the premium stage.

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