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   Chapter 541 Reaching The Premium Stage (Part One)

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As vivid as it appeared in the image presented by Anna, a young man in a white robe kept looking up at the sky. He seemed to be waiting for the arrival of whatever or whomever it was.

A few moments later, a blast of purple-black air suddenly appeared in the space. The sudden appearance of the odd scene made the man in white linger around with vigilance.

Following the sudden uproar, a sharp cry rang out as if it was from something colossal and powerful. Soon enough, a very fast-moving figure flashed from behind the young man in white.

"Huh?" With his mouth gaped open in awe, Darren was mesmerized abruptly. Such a reaction was made as he saw that there etched at the young man's back a five-claw-shaped wound. The wound looked deep and grave, with his bones visible!

At the sight of such injury, Darren even began to wonder, 'Is this young man in a white robe really a five-star grand warrior? How could he be so easily knocked down? Or is the devil so strong and dominating that it could inflict injury on a five-star warrior that easily?' As Darren thought wildly, he kept staring at the image presented by Anna.

While his teeth clenched with the searing pain, the young man in white turned around to face his enemy. His face was full of frightened expression as he struggled to stand straight while blood was still dripping from his wounds.

The enemy, which was a purple-black, rat-like, huge creature, stood in front of him with its fangs shown in anger. The creature was with a build of shocking muscles, and a stream of saliva flowed over its beastly mouth. Its little eyes that were glowing vehemently were staring at the young man in white as if it had seen some kind of incredibly delicious food to feast on.

"See? This is the devil I've mentioned to you before. It is exceptionally fierce. If you go there and meet it, you will be killed for sure. Humph!" with a confident tone, Anna commented. While she was saying that, she had a look at Darren, hoping to see the fear on his face.

"Well, don't jump to that conclusion so hastily," with a calm expression and tone, Darren responded. He just couldn't take his eyes off the pictures in the midair, for he was curious as to what would happen next.

"Kill!" the young man in white roared furiously.

the Starry Tower as soon as possible.

'I have enough spiritual crystals now, but my power is suppressed to prevent me from reaching the Grand Realm, so the space for improving my ability is limited, ' Darren thought as he analyzed and weighed things carefully.

In his haste to accelerate his cultivation base in the fastest way possible, Darren's various methods now seemed to have reached their limit. For example, the power of his olive-black force was fixed as of the moment, and so was the power of his dark gold internal force. As long as there was no stronger fusion of blade and sword intents, the power of his dark gold internal force would also be fixed—nothing more nothing less. As for his other skill, the Augmented Attack Bloodline, the power was linked to the realm and hence, couldn't be promoted at once, making it totally useless for Darren.

After having a thorough analysis of all his skills for a while, Darren concluded that he could only improve his strength by increasing the level of the blade and sword intents. However, such an improvement would not be significant enough to defeat the five-star grand warrior at his top level, let alone the six-star grand warrior devil.

'Well, let it be now. Come what may, I'll just figure out the solution later. In the meantime, I need to find the time turbulent flows for my further cultivation.' Making up his mind, Darren decided to put all the considerations aside for a while and focused his attention on searching for the time turbulent flows.

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