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   Chapter 540 To See How Powerful the Demon Was

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Darren froze. What he had seen was inconceivable.

The Water Kylin had been killed with one blow?

"You bastard, how many hits have you given me?"

At that moment, the runes surrounding Finley vanished, and he stood up, opening his eyes.

Standing before him, Darren contended with a spell of dizziness.

Despite being the master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, he was not totally immune to the aura of suppression.

But he shook it off as best as he could. He wanted answers, and he wanted them now.

"What have you done?" he demanded. "Why did you kill him?"

Finley, however, seemed relaxed. "Don't worry, Darren. Here, watch this."

Saying this, he waved a hand, and a stream of deep green aura appeared, gathering over the Water Kylin's remains.

As both men watched, the various pieces quivered, slid across the ground, and rejoined themselves. Even the blood that had been spilled began to move, flowing back into the regenerating body.

"What... What is this skill?" Darren asked, his eyes bulging.

Impossible as it seemed, Finley was somehow bringing the Water Kylin back to life. Whatever power he was using, it was clearly as incredible as it was disturbing to witness.

"Ah!" the Water Kylin said when he stood up at last. He did so slowly, unsteady. He couldn't quite remember what had happened.

A shudder passed through him as his memories started falling into place. "I was just dreaming. I dreamed I was wandering alone someplace cold and empty, endless. That was very unpleasant."

Seeming then to notice the other two men, he went on, "Ah, Finley, you're awake as well. Congratulations! You must be very powerful now, after the closed-door practice. To be honest, I was worried as you were cultivating while unconscious. I kept needing to come by and sweep the dust off your body. I am very relieved to see you awake again."

A smile grew on his face as he said all this.

"You don't seem to remember what happened just now," Finley replied. "Here, let me help you."

With that, he pressed his hand to the beast's forehead, restoring his memory of the past few moments.

"Damn it! You just slapped me to death!" the Water Kylin snarled.

"Finley, I have cared for and treated you as a brother for all this time! But now you just killed me. For that, you and I are through. Farewell." With that he turned and swiftly began to leave.

Things did not go as he wanted, however.

He'd hardly gone a stone's throw when a huge hand appeared in midair and sent him sprawling to the ground with a smack.

When he got his senses back and lifted his


"Are you a moron? Of course I know. You need them so you can have more time for cultivation."

"All right, then," he said. "Where can I find the time turbulent flows?"

However, the rules allowed defeated guardians to refuse to answer this particular question.

"I don't think I'm going to tell you," Anna said with an impish laugh. "However, I can show you how mighty the guardian of the fourth floor is. You'd better give up while you can, because your small world is going to be sealed soon."

Darren frowned at that. "Why?"

"Don't look so surprised," she said. "You're not allowed to open your small world in the Starry Tower. You already opened it once, and the tower noticed, so it cut off the connection between you and your small world. It wasn't me who did it. I don't have that kind of power."

"I see," Darren said slowly. He took a moment to check the Ancient Void Battlefield. Sure enough, he found it sealed by a strange power. Whatever it was, he wouldn't be able to open it.

As he came back to himself, Anna asked, "Do you want to see how powerful the demon is or not?"

"How are you going to show me that?"

"This is how." Anna's hand waved in the midair and an image showed up.

It showed a young man, facing away from them, dressed in a white robe that fluttered in the wind. He had his head tipped back to gaze at the sky and somehow looked very lonely.

"That's supposed to be the demon?" Darren asked incredulously. It certainly wasn't what he had imagined.

"Of course not. He is a martial artist at the top level of the five-star Grand Realm. Keep watching." Saying this, Anna stood beside Darren and crossed her hands behind her back. A little smirk crept across her face.

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