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   Chapter 539 That Is Bad (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5791

Updated: 2020-01-22 04:02

"Where is Finley?" though he knew the answer to his question, still Darren asked.

"Finley is meditating in seclusion! Help me now, or they will kill me," the Water Kylin begged, dashing here and there in attacking and defending himself against the creatures.


In a flash, Darren joined the fight. With Darren brandishing his sword towards the enemy, the Water Kylin was a bit relieved for the beatings that he was suffering would somehow be lessened.

Facing numerous creatures at once, Darren constantly emitted his dark gold internal force and the olive-black force alternatively. He was sweating and struggling to push the creatures back, and worst was they were a bit invincible.

Moreover, the ruthless creatures were very united. They usually resisted Darren's attack together, and they defused in several seconds. Such techniques made it even worse for Darren.

As he was busy dealing with the enemies in front of him, Darren saw that the Water Kylin was struck with a creature that pinned him down. Immediately, he summoned his teleportation skill and rescued the Water Kylin.


While swooping down, Darren activated his blade and sword intents to cut at a ruthless creature.

However, the blade and sword intents only left two shallow wounds on the body of that ruthless creature, which were not enough to kill it.

"The creatures' bodies are as strong as Scott's."

Earlier, Darren focused on evading the attacks from the creatures. Thus he had never wounded a single ruthless creature. After this attack, however, Darren realized the horror posed by the creatures.

Seeing that the creature was not killed and Darren's attack led to the agitation rather than weakening, all of the no

find him. Master, let me tell you a secret. Finley has wholly immersed himself in cultivation and can't wake up even if we beat him violently. Isn't it amazing!"

the Water Kylin said with a gloating smile, and then he began to slap Finley with his claws.

"Damn you! You used to bully me. Now let me bust you! Haha!" The Water Kylin constantly smacked Finley.

"Stop! You beast! Finley is meditating. What if you kill him?" with a demanding voice, Darren shouted at the Water Kylin.

"No, he won't. Trust me, sir. I have beaten him many times the first time I saw him here. He is all right," the Water Kylin said with a smile and raised his claws wanting to beat Finley again.

Seeing how the beast had beaten Finley, Darren was speechless. He thought that the shameless Water Kylin must have hit Finley many times before, and now he was planning to beat him out even more.


All of a sudden, a huge palm came down and smashed the Water Kylin into a meat cake, curdled and shivering on the ground.

"What's happened? What was that?" The unforeseen and unexpected scene shocked Darren making him thought, 'Is the Water Kylin dead?'

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