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   Chapter 538 That Is Bad (Part One)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 6000

Updated: 2020-01-22 04:02

By now, Darren had realized that more than one hundred ruthless creatures whose attention was drawn and focused on defeating him were all top-level of four-star grand warriors. He knew he had to face and defeat each one of them now, or else it would be the other way around.

However, as he gauged the way the creatures fought, in all honesty, Darren admitted that he couldn't defeat them. Though his skills and capabilities were exceptional, the ruthless creatures, on the one hand, didn't seem to feel tired and pained. Each of them would fight to the end of their lives. As such, they were much more horrible than the humans at the same level.

Despite that fact, it was apparent that Darren had figured out how to deal with them. He had worked out a plan in mind on how to send the ruthless creatures to their doom.

Previously, when Darren entered the Starry Tower, he had tried and succeeded in activating the Ancient Void Battlefield; he made sure it could be of use any moment the need arose. Holding on to that notion, Darren didn't worry much about the creatures, for he had the Ancient Void Battlefield as an escape route in case things got messy.

At the moment, with their teeth clenched in anger, the ruthless creatures were chasing after Darren. The power they unleashed as they ran after him was dominating and devastating in the same manner.

"What reckless things does Darren plan to do? Does he want to die?"

Anna said after she saw that situation, not understanding what Darren was going to do. All this time, while watching Darren struggle with the creatures, Anna couldn't help but feel annoyed at how he handled the enemies and even thought that Darren must be killed.

Just then, Darren had been cornered and surrounded in a split second. Soon enough, countless

"What a temper!"

Anna burst out, taken aback at Darren's show of rudeness. But Darren didn't mind her and still brushed her off. Just as he wanted to fly away, he suddenly remembered something that brought him out in a cold sweat.

"Damn it!" At the thought of it, Darren growled and flew into the Ancient Void Battlefield at once.

As he had planned about it, Darren originally wanted to give those ruthless creatures for Finley to deal with. However, as he remembered that the Water Kylin once told him that Finley was in closed-door cultivation, Darren sprang up to his feet and hurried inside the Ancient Void Battlefield in haste. If Finley wasn't there to guard the Ancient Void Battlefield, those creatures would have destroyed it.

The instant Darren entered into the Ancient Void Battlefield. The Water Kylin, with a worried and disheveled face, welcomed him momentarily.

"Master, help me, please! They're too strong."

Darren saw how the creatures besieged the Water Kylin. Though the Water Kylin desperately bombarded them with his blue lightning, only a few of the ruthless creatures were beaten back, and others pounced on him again, knocking him to all their want.

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