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   Chapter 537 Get More Spiritual Crystals (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-22 04:02

He was intrigued and alarmed when he detected one almost immediately. "It can't be this easy!" he exclaimed to himself.

The aura was a powerful one, perhaps a kilometer deep inside the swamp.

Ready for anything, he sped over until he was close to the crystal, then dived straight down into the darkness of the swamp.

Sure enough, he immediately felt several creatures nearby, closing in fast. Whoever or whatever they were, they definitely weren't going to be friendly.

"Hurricane Teleportation Skill!" Darren announced.

With his speed boosted exponentially, he was closing in fast on the spiritual crystal.

Soon he could see it. It was the size of his fist, and it glittered like fire. Without hesitating, he snatched it up, put it into his Space Ring, and took flight again.

With a sound like the roar of a fierce wind, he burst through the canopy of the swamp.

However, so did a handful of other figures, reaching for him with cold hands, incensed at his attempt to escape.

Not far away, Anna was observing the scene with a satisfied smirk.

'You despicable scum. I wonder how you'll handle danger this time, ' she thought disdainfully.

Coming a little closer, she saw the figures that now surrounded Darren as he left the swamp. They all had metallic skin, and the aura they gave off was a powerful one indeed. They were the ruthless creatures she had mentioned earlier.

Sizing them up even as he fled, Darren frowned. 'Each of them are as powerful as a top-level four-star grand warrior. It'd be pretty tough to defeat them all.'

He quickly made up his mind to continue his speedy retreat, rather than confronting them head-on. After all, it was really the spiritual crystals that he was after.

"You shameless bastard!" Anna shouted yet again. "Are you going t

ht things would go, ' Anna realized as she watched them all go. 'That shameless moron didn't kill the ruthless creatures guarding each spiritual crystal. Now he has an army chasing him! Does he have any idea how he's going to deal with them?'

Unable to contain her curiosity, the girl did her best to keep up.

When Darren finally sensed that he was close to the last spiritual crystal, he called upon his blade intent and sword intent to bombard the ground. With a terrific noise the earth split open, revealing the crystal. As soon as he saw it, he dived into the fissure he had opened and collected the prize with his Space Ring.

"This spiritual crystal is the size of a bison!" he exclaimed in triumph. "I sure made a killing this time." He estimated that the spiritual energy in all the crystals he had found would be enough for him to break through to the three-star Grand Realm, or perhaps even the four-star Grand Realm!

As he felt exalted over his success, however, the ruthless creatures were going berserk. Now there were more than a hundred of them, hurtling down toward him as well as bursting out of the ground, and as one they swarmed toward Darren, eager to obliterate him.

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