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   Chapter 536 Get More Spiritual Crystals (Part One)

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"A real devil?" asked Darren, unfazed. "How strong a fighter is this thing? Does it have any powerful skills?"

"It was discovered by my master somewhere in the lava of the Ancient Age," Anna explained. "By my estimation, it should be about as strong as a human five-star grand warrior. I don't know if it has any special skills or not."

Darren nodded, knowing that she had told him the truth, in accordance with the rules.

'I'm not sure I'd have an easy time if I tried to fight this devil now, ' he thought to himself. 'But I think I'll have a better chance after spending a year in cultivation and training. And if I can find the time turbulent flows, I will have more time for my cultivation. Right now, though, the most important thing for me is to find more resources for my cultivation. Mr. Xiao told me there are spiritual crystals here on the third floor. I must find them as soon as possible.'

Still, before Darren started hunting for the treasure, he had one more thing to ask this young girl. He wanted to know exactly how to obtain the premium sword intent through cultivation!

If he managed to elevate his sword intent level to the premium stage or even higher, his overall strength would also improve correspondingly.

More importantly, if Darren could also promote his blade intent to the premium stage, then his dark gold internal force, formed by fusing the blade intent and sword intent, would also be greatly strengthened!

However, actually fusing the two intents would be a real challenge, as the Heavenly Repression caused by the fusion would be a great threat to his life.

He quickly considered the matter. 'Mr. Xiao also told me that there are Primitive Stones on the fourth floor, ones which contain the Heavenly Repression Rule. Even with the he

The girl watched him leave and continued to scold him as he shrank into the distance. She couldn't help but vent her anger.

"No," she said to herself at last. "I'm going to follow that brat. When he gets himself killed, I want to be there to see it." When she thought of the strength of the ruthless creatures, she thought for sure that Darren was going to lose badly, and be killed. As she daydreamed about this, she calmed down a little bit.

She considered it further. There were a lot of ruthless creatures in the edge zone, not just a few. Even Anna would find it hard to resist their attacks. But a cocky sneak like Darren, who only knew sneak attacks? He was dead meat for sure.

The girl couldn't help but laugh cruelly as she imagined Darren's end. But it wasn't enough. She had to see it for herself. Making up her mind, she disappeared and set off after him as fast as she could.

After two hours' flight, Darren found himself over a dark and very unfriendly-looking swamp. The stench of rotten plant matter assaulted his nose.

Doing his best to ignore the smell, he extended his spiritual sense and started scanning for the aura given off by the spiritual crystals.

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