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   Chapter 535 The Winner's Rights

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Feeling a more powerful sword intent, Darren immediately backed away in retreat.

"Leaving so soon?"

The girl taunted as she gave chase.

Darren didn't waste his breath on a retort. He wasn't scared of this girl, but he thought she might let her guard down if she thought he was.

Meanwhile. she wasn't letting up, incessantly releasing her sword intent in an attempt to cut off his retreat.

"Blood Dragon Phantom!"

Saying this, Darren created eight avatars and sent them right at the girl.

But she only laughed. "Ha! Not bad. I didn't expect you to have such a skill. Looks like each avatar is even as strong as your real body. Too bad you're not fighting somebody weaker. You and all your avatars will die in here."

The girl moved like lightning, her purple sword whirling as she brought it to bear against Darren's avatars. Since they didn't have dark gold internal force, they stood no chance, and she dispatched them in only a moment.

"Is that all the skill you've got?" she asked. "Even if you managed to beat me, you'd die on the fourth floor for sure. I'm a nice person, though, so I don't think I'll kill you. Just trap you here forever." The young girl was proud of herself after beating Darren's avatars. She'd always been told how powerful a cultivator who cultivated both the sword and blade skills was, but now it seemed the stories had been exaggerated.

Compared to her fusion of three different sword intents, she thought someone who could only use blade intent and sword intent separately was nothing special.

The chase went on, and as the moments passed, the girl started to treat it like a game. In flashes of supernatural speed, she repeatedly appeared in front of her quarry, blocking his path and forcing him to change course.

However, Darren refused to lose his cool and was ready to let her chase him as long as she wanted. Sooner or later she would lower her guard, and then it would be his turn to strike.

Despite her big talk and her showy tricks, this was clearly a person who had little real experience in fighting. Darren wasn't about to waste any more strength on her than he had to.

After quite a while, he stopped before a hill. It seemed there was nowhere else to go, and he would soon be defeated.

A familiar voice followed him. "Ha-ha, you are so weak! Do you only know how to run away like a mouse? Where will you go now?"

The girl caught up to him then.

Grinning maliciously, she added, "I'll give you one more chance. Give yourself up, or you'll have a really hard time."

Darren looked her up and down, as calm as ever. "How many more times are you going to say that, you brat? You are so annoying."

"How dare you talk back to me!" the girl retorted. "Watch this!" The girl waved her purple sword, cutting flashing sword trails through the air.

A mighty swor

ra changed completely. Though she kept speaking, her voice was low, monotonous, and more like that of a machine than a human being.

"Congratulations, challenger. You have defeated the guardian of the third floor. According to the rules, you now have the right to know the following information.

As the challenger proceeds through the Starry Tower, he or she is allowed to seek out the treasure on each floor after defeating its guardian. The victorious challenger is also allowed to stay on that floor for one year to cultivate.

During that time, he or she can ask the defeated guardian for information about the protector of the next floor, and also ask to be taught new skills. The defeated guardian is not allowed to decline."

Having explained all this, the girl's aura returned to normal, as did her posture.

"Hey, loser, what's your name?" Darren asked.

"Anna Gu." The girl glared at Darren then, adding, "Don't talk to me! Just shut up and go find your treasure."

"You have a short temper indeed," Darren observed, raising an eyebrow. "Listen up. We're going to be living together here for one year. Don't be difficult with me, or I'll teach you a lesson again.

But if you want to do this the easy way, you'll just tell me everything you know right now. First I want to hear about the guardian of the fourth level. Then you'll teach me how you grasped the premium sword intent. Also, I need to know where I can find the treasure." When he was finished speaking, Darren lay down on the ground and got comfortable. Spotting a nearby twig, he stuck it in his mouth and chewed on it, ready to listen.

"Uh-uh! No, I am not going to tell you."

Anna Gu was red-cheeked with rage, but she knew she could not break the rules of the Starry Tower. It took her only a moment to settle down again, and she began to talk.

"The guardian of the fourth floor is a real devil."

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