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   Chapter 534 The Power Of Fused Sword Intent (Part Two)

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"Does it wear all the wits out of your brain? There are a lot of things in this world that you do not understand! Watch and learn!" Darren mocked and challenged the girl.

Every time he made use of such a domain skill, Darren was invincible. Once the Blade and Sword Domain had been deployed, Darren struck out with his blade and sword intents at his opponent.

"It seemed like I really have underestimated you. You are full of surprises!"

Though the girl kept striking out with her sword intent, she kept backing down under Darren's attack.

Seconds later, she fell behind and was entirely suppressed in this encounter with Darren, which pissed her off much as she had thought that she could crush Darren easily even with just a snap of her fingers.

"It is nothing but a child's play. It is time to show you my real power!" growled the girl at the feeling that her pride was being trampled upon.

With a determined and resolute will, the girl did not panic at all. Instead, her face just turned grim and ferocious when she struck out both fire and ice sword intents, which fused when they entered the domain deployed by Darren.

The buzzing sound echoed throughout the entire area, coupled with the snapping of forces from the struggling intents.

Right after the collision, Darren's domain began to shake violently under the power of the girl. Consequently, he pressed on with his attack in hopes that he could neutralize his opponent when she was launching a full-blown attack against him.

However, the sword intent from the girl after the fusion became several times more potent than they were separately, and it kept blasting on Darren's domain, over and over.


The girl brandished her purple sword as she unleashed waves upon waves of fused sword intent on to Darren like a landslide, which significantly weakened his domain.

'Wow, she is surprisingly powerful! Her strength is close to the power of my weakened dark gold internal force," taken aback by the blow, Darren thought to himself as the girl's young age was indeed misleading. He rested on the fact that he had somehow underestimated her strength, and he was wrong in doing so.

Boom! The ground was shaking violently.

Massive explos

The girl gave out a sneering snort while ranting out those words of displeasure.

"Hey, little turd! It appears that I have indeed underestimated you! Now that I know what you are capable of. Give me your best shot as it just gets real this time!"

the girl challenged Darren in a cold voice.

"Pfftt, forget it, for we just had a real fight. As you can see, you cannot overpower me completely. If you want to keep this up, it will not end well for you. Is this really what you want?" questioned Darren while maintaining a relaxed and calm composure.

"Ha-ha, what did you just say?"

The girl suddenly burst into laughter as if she had heard the ridiculous things ever.

"Are you telling me that was your best shot? Ha-ha, I am afraid that you don't stand a chance against me. I am giving you only two options for now. One is for you to stay here for the rest of your life, and the other is for you to die at my hands. It is up to you now! What would you fancy?"

While letting out those remarks, the girl jumped into the air, and an intense sword intent began to shoot out of her at all directions, which brought her power up to an even higher level. The sudden increase in the girl's power moved Darren a bit and intimidated him in a way. By now he was baffled by thoughts on how to defeat such valiant opponent knowing that it was already a challenge for him in the first place. Yet, the fire in the young warrior's heart remained undiminished, burning, and still ablaze.

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