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   Chapter 533 The Power Of Fused Sword Intent (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-21 00:55

"I see that you are in a big hurry. I like that rush from you. Fine, I'll let you go now. Just remember what I have taught you and try to exit the Starry Tower as early as possible. It is all on you soon!" With his eyes fixed seriously on Darren, Mathew gave a warm and understanding smile as his response. After this, he used his arcane skill, passed on to him by his master, to open the entrance to the third floor of the Starry Tower, making way for Darren.

"Right, Mr. Xiao. Thank you, and by the way, do you have any idea about what is happening in the outside world? I assume that, now that you have resurrected, that you can try and stop those mutants from advancing on their riot?" With that being asked, Darren suddenly realized that Mathew's current strength could easily wipe out all the mutants, every last one of them, with a single slash of his sword. If Mathew could intervene and go against those mutants, then there would be no need for him to get in the Starry Tower.

"Of course, I know exactly what is going on in the outside world, but I am afraid my soul and my body do not match well enough just yet. So I could not get out of the Starry Tower in the foreseeable future, which means that I am unable to help you with that. Sorry, but I just couldn't help you by now. But let me assure you that if you can walk out of the Starry Tower successfully, you have a great chance at beating the most potent being of those species, which may just push them back where they came from," exclaimed Mathew with a forlorn look on his face.

"I see. Well, if that is the case, it leaves me with no choice. I have to go in. See you, Mr. Xiao!"

As he was about to leave, Darren felt it a shame that Mathew could not come out of the Starry Tower yet. Anyhow, he cupped his hand to salute Mathew and then took off from the first floor and landed directly on the third.

Arriving at the third floor, Darren found himself standing in a boundless open field, where the only visible colors were red, blue, and cyan, as if those were the single three colors existed in this world.

The mountains, water, flowers, and grass, and even the animals were all of these colors with no exception. After usi

ut a purple sword and ice, fire and thunder sword intents were going wild in their vicinity. The aura that exuded out from her at the outrage of such intents was so intense and overpowering.

'She is indeed very powerful!' thought the young warrior. The moment the intents were unleashed from her sword, Darren was shocked. The reason was that the power that she had upon all three sword intents were at the premium stage, which was especially impressive as she was only sixteen years old.

However, there was one fatal flaw Darren presumed he could take advantage of, which was the fact that her cultivation base was not that high, considering that she had not even made it to the Grand Realm.

Similarly, Darren, who also had not made it to the Grand Realm, could unleash the power that was equal to that of a four-star grand warrior. In that way, he was more than confident that he could take on the stalwart girl.


With breakneck speed, Darren was like lightning. He dodged the girl's sword intent while at the same time made it next to her before she got a chance to react.

"Blade and Sword Domain!"

Darren glared as he deployed the Blade and Sword Domain on the girl, which enveloped her completely as a result.

"How could it be? You're not even at the level of the Grand Realm. How could you have such a strong power of domain?" the girl murmured to herself as she was genuinely surprised by the domain power that Darren had demonstrated.

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