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   Chapter 531 The True Appearance Of Mathew (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-21 00:12

"Is this the spiritual crystal you need?"

On the spur of the moment, a figure quietly occurred next to Darren. He spread out his hand, and there on his palm was one spiritual crystal like the one Darren had assimilated.

At the sight of the spiritual crystal, Darren turned and looked at him silently. The appearance of the figure bothered Darren at once.

He had large eyes and thick eyebrows, and a cyan robe fluttering with the wind. Furthermore, he had an extraordinary aura exuding out from him.

To Darren's great surprise, unceremoniously, the aura of the sword intent released by the figure appeared to pierce his soul.

"Are you Mathew?" Even though this person's appearance was totally different from that of Mathew's shadow, Darren could still feel that he was Mathew.

The figure, who was indeed Mathew nodded in confirmation. Then looking at Darren, he said," This is my actual appearance. Do you want the spiritual crystal?"

"Of course, I do!" Determined to assimilate the spiritual crystal, Darren did not think about any other things. Instead, he replied without a second thought.

"Don't worry," assured Mathew. All that time, Darren assumed that Mathew would hand him the crystal, but Mathew put away the spiritual crystal and took out another stone. At the glow of the stone, Darren noticed it was a Primitive Stone that contained the Heavenly Repression Rule.

"I also have a couple of mountain-high pile of these Primitive Stones. Do you want them?" with his eyes still fixed upon Darren, Mathew said. He was looking at Darren with a sinister smile on his face.

At the sound of Mathew's odd offers, Darren felt something was not right. He thought that since he had a lot of Primitive Stones, why didn't he give them to him back then?


as so scared at the moment that he was starting to grow desperate.

"I am sorry to tell you, but I really killed her. But why? You know, I have killed thousands of people. I am an awful person, and I enjoy watching you losers struggling. It has so much fun. Haha!" reckoned Mathew as if he had just killed a nasty mosquito biting his arm.

With Mathew's confirmation, Darren was nothing but dumbfounded. Worst was, he was starting to believe that Mathew's words were real. He entertained such an idea because he sensed Elsa's aura earlier, but now the aura had completely dissipated—not even the slightest feeling of her could be detected.

"Ahhhhh! I'm going to kill you!"

Enraged and vexed at the maximum level, Darren summoned all the power he could use to attack Mathew.

"Want to take revenge on me? Kiddo, you are too weak."

With a mocking and underestimating voice, Mathew waved his hand, creating mighty sword intent to sweep over Darren.

It was just a simple wave, but it was much more powerful than the attack made by the seven-star law enforcer in purple armor.

However, the mighty sword intent only left a few wounds in Darren's body instead of killing him.

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