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   Chapter 530 The True Appearance Of Mathew (Part One)

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"It is none of your business to know who I am. What would it benefit you anyway? But, if you continue to kill the Sword Type Creatures like this, I will definitely teach you a lesson. You are such a bastard, aren't you aware of that? You're wasting precious sword intents,"

the figure in the lake spoke. The figure was a female with a crystal clear voice, and she was scolding Darren for the overkill of the Sword Type Creatures on the lake.

"Ha-ha, I was not wasting your sword intent. Besides, whatever I do with these Sword Type Creatures is none of your business too," with a teasing tone in his voice, Darren laughed as he jokingly responded to the figure's remarks.

"It is not my business? Then whose business is it then?" the female asked angrily with her brows an inch higher and in a tight crease. While she was doing that, the female figure crossed her arms on her chest and made a smirking gesture. Anger and annoyance were apparent on her face as it grew scarlet matching her eyes that darted a glum look towards Darren.

"Ah! I see," exclaimed Darren. As the thought rang a bell on his mind, Darren suddenly became interested, asking her, "As far as I know, there are three different types of sword intent, mainly ice, fire, and thunder, in this lake. Do they all belong to you? If that's true, then it seems to me that you are very powerful."

"Do I need to repeat myself? It is none of your business. Get out, or I will teach you a lesson you haven't learned yet," said the female who was now furious.

"You are quite confident with your power. Hmmm, you really challenged me. That made me eager to know how you will teach me a lesson." After saying this, Darren attacked her with the blade and sword intent. Indeed, Darren had the element of surprise, and this time he believed th

and enhance his strength, Darren also absorbed the spiritual energy at the same time, attempting to strengthen his cultivation base.

Time flew by, and ten days passed quickly. Day in and day out, the young warrior never ceased to cultivate his base with the primary motivation of that female figure in his mind.

"My cultivation base is improving too slowly. It's more than a thousand times slower than obtaining spiritual energy from the spiritual crystal of the Shaoyan Clan," Darren proclaimed. At such observation of himself, Darren let out a deep sigh. The spiritual energy he had absorbed these days could not help him to elevate his cultivation base at all.

"It would be great if I had some more spiritual crystals. Once I reach the Grand Realm, I will be very powerful!" Reminiscing the sensation of surging strength upon his veins, Darren missed the feeling when he assimilated spiritual energy from the spiritual crystal.

Nevertheless, more than glory, Grand Realm also meant crisis. To break through to a higher realm, he needed enough Primitive Stones, which contained the Heavenly Repression Rule to suppress the Heavenly Repression caused by the fusion of blade and sword intent.

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