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   Chapter 529 Visiting the Starry Tower (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-20 12:40

"Darren, I have to go now. I'll come back here to see you in ten days. You can practice here at will." While bidding him goodbye, Mathew gave the Space Ring back to Darren and took the body containing the blade intent and the sword intent with him.

However, just after Mathew's figure vanished, Darren sensed that a tempestuous sword intent enveloped him. Darren knew that the intent was from Mathew's master, the youth who had a black sword and a white sword in his eyes.

'The matter about Mathew and Hanson is too confusing. I'd better wait for him to answer it.' At the thought of it, Darren shook his head and forced himself to stop thinking about it anymore.

In the span of ten days, Darren didn't indulge much of his time in cultivation, but instead, he entered the place where he had passed the test before.

The tranquility and beauty of the lake spread in front of him, and the landscape was still the same. It never failed to amaze him and took his breath in awe.

The scenery reminded Darren of the time when he was with Elsa. The sound of the steady flow of the stream, the soft breeze, and the melancholic humming of the birds. All of which reminded him of Elsa, her flowing hair, her scarlet cheeks, and her sweet scent.

"I don't know where and how she is now. Is she thinking about me too?" as the thought of Elsa lingered through him, Darren whispered and felt a burst of sadness.

Feeling the grief seeping through his bones, Darren didn't love the feeling at all. Determined to shut off the emotion out of him, with a loud splash, he jumped into the lake and let the cold stream of the lake carry all his lamentations away.

The moment he jumped into the water, several Sword Type Creatures came up and attempted to attack Darren.


ially when it came to matters that were considered as secrets. Thus it was hard for Mathew to dare and ask further.

"Yes, master." Mathew could only give off a simple respond though there were plenty of questions in his mind.

"I'll exert my power against the Death Rule and let your soul back into your body by force. Then you'll revive.

After your resurrection, bring Darren into the Starry Tower. Remember to let him feel the threat of life," the master gave his order to Mathew.

"Yes, master. I understand," answered Mathew before he prepared his soul shadow to be immersed into the body lying on the ground.

The immense Death Rule spread over the body was trying to drive Mathew's soul away, inhibiting the assimilation and adaptation that they desired. Meanwhile, a superior force of the black sword intent and the white sword intent came suddenly and began cutting the threads of the Death Rule.

As for Darren, he dived in the cold lake and stopped abruptly in front of a dark shadow.

"Who are you, lady? How come you live in the lake?" the moment he came face to face with the lady on the lake, Darren asked. His eyes sparkled with intense curiosity.

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