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   Chapter 528 Visiting the Starry Tower (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-20 12:40

Darren plunged into the mountain lake and continued his search for the fragments of the sword intent.

"Well, not bad," he said to himself with satisfaction.

The reason for his satisfied remark was the notion that he had located two fragments of the sword intent in the lake and finally felt at ease at such discovery.

For the past ten days, he had gone through many detours and was disturbed by the residual sword intent left by some swordsmen a long time ago.

When he detected the sword intent in this lake, he felt that the odds were with him this time. Sure enough, he succeeded.

'The fragments of the sword intent from the Starry Tower propagated across the continent, which made me travel five hundred thousand miles before I found these. It was really challenging, but I did it, ' he thought with a sense of triumph.

After this, Darren gathered the fragments and poured his blood essence into one of them. He waited patiently as to what would happen next and held on to his breath while doing so.

Soon enough, the space in front of him twisted like a coiled snake, and an ancient wild scene appeared before him. As he was dazed by the scene, a gigantic hand grabbed and took him away all of a sudden.

Gradually as the scene grew clearer and vivid, Darren saw the Black Cliff of Sword Intent that he had seen before. The movement skills of the sword cultivation drawn on the cliff seemed simple and familiar to him now.

As usual, like the last time that he had been there, numerous huge demonic monsters appeared behind the cliff. They were busy minding their own business.

'Most of them are one-star grand warriors, while some reached the level of two-star and three-star. No wonder I felt that they were unrivaled during my last visit, ' Darren thought with a smile. He was much stronger now

, here you are now, so I guess you are in search of something important in going back here. If I'm not mistaken, you want to improve your cultivation level, don't you? Don't you know that even though I am confined in this place, I'm also well-informed? I know what is happening in the outside world, and I'm sure that you won't give up the opportunity to get your hands on the grand treasure," with an eerie grimace on his shadow-like face, Mathew articulated.

"You're right. But I have one important reason for coming here that you don't know of," Darren responded.

"I don't know of? I believe you're wrong. Actually, I know that sole important reason that you have. Thank you for trusting me, Darren," intoned Mathew while giving out a faint smile. The expression that he wore on his face was replaced by kindness, one that resembled the face of an older man talking to a young boy.

His words were very well said. Darren was lost for words when Mathew got it right. In fact, the essential reason why Darren had come over was that he believed in Mathew.

After hearing Mathew's words, Darren felt a little better in his heart. The whole story might be more complicated than what Jesse Li had told him.

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