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   Chapter 527 Legendary Weapon Protection

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Darren turned to look at the clouds and marveled at the aura he sensed above them. It was strong indeed, despite its vast distance from him.

"How powerful mutants are! I must say!" he exclaimed. "Are there any seven-star grand warriors among them?"

He felt an equally strong aura in Eddy, but that aura was a little weaker than that of a seven-star law enforcer.

However, now that the law enforcers couldn't come to the Bottom Spiritual World, the mutants would prove themselves a serious problem for this world.

At that moment, all the great and powerful martial artists and rule cultivators in the Bottom Spiritual World looked toward the clouds with no little sense of unease.

That unease was doubled when a booming noise shook the heavens.

Their amazed eyes were drawn to the southern sky, where the inky black tail of a dragon swept its way through the air. Gradually, the rest of the creature's body emerged from the misty clouds. It was huge, perhaps three thousand feet long.

By comparison, Scott, whose skill was equal to that of a five-star grand warrior, was only a hundred feet long when he transformed into a dragon. So how strong could that black monster be?

"Perhaps this dragon is the Dragon King of the demonic monster domain," Darren murmured to himself in astonishment. "Could he belong to the Dragon Blood Clan?"

He had once thought that only Scott's family had a dragon bloodline. Supposedly, the legendary Dragon King to whom he just had referred was also a dragon, or could turn into one.

But on second thoughts, the existence of the Dragon King was entirely plausible. Darren had once met a flood dragon himself, and subsequently gained the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan by killing it. Maybe that flood dragon's bloodline had not been the only one of its kind.

Before he could ponder this any further, there was another sound like a tremendous thunderclap, but this time from the north side of the sky. There, a double-headed man appeared among the clouds, one thousand feet in height.

This new creature's skin was a deep blue, darker than the sky behind him, and its two heads were fierce and terrible to behold. It was plain that its power was no less than that of the Dragon King.

Boom! Boom!

The whole landscape shook as the two titans made their presence felt. The double-headed man roared and the dragon swept his tail about, and horrible quakes rattled the mountains.

If the Bottom Spiritual World hadn't been upgraded before, it was certain that the whole land would be destroyed by this two mutants.

One of the many warriors present finally regained his nerve and let out a defiant shout. "You bastard! Stop!"

His courage spread like a wildfire among his comrades, many of whom immediately joined him. Taking flight together, they sped upward toward the two giant kings.

"Kill them right now!"

But even as he said these words, the skies around the two kings began to fill with their troops: double-headed men and demonic monsters.

For a nerve-racking moment the two airborne armies surged toward each other. The people on the ground watched breathlessly as they finally crashed together, and the battle was joined.

But, as brave as the men in the air were, it was clear that they were outmatched by their monstrous opponents. As quickly as the fight had begun, it was over, and soon they were raining back to the ground, beaten and exhausted.

Darren observed all this with mounti

erson who could summon that net had enough power, then even the holy emperors in the later ages would need to work hard to break it.

But at the same time, it would take a lot of power to maintain this defense net. So when the successors of the Chasm Clan used it, it would last for five years at most.

That was why the masters in the Chasm Clan said that the legendary weapon could protect the Bottom Spiritual World for several years, but not indefinitely.

The mutants attacked the fishing net in a frenzy, but for all their combined strength, they couldn't break through it. Slowly but surely, they exhausted themselves, and their confidence crumbled.

Seeing all this from the remote eastern land, Darren was exceedingly relieved. That legendary weapon would give him time to improve his skill.

"In three or five years, I have to achieve the power which can defeat the seven-star grand warrior," he said through clenched teeth. It was a formidable challenge indeed, but it was not impossible.

Meanwhile, the Dragon King and the Double-headed King still couldn't breach the net. Gradually they lost interest in it and began to take notice of each other.

"So, Dragon King, you finally showed yourself," said the double-headed mutant, revealing his sharp tusks with a lick of his lips. "You may not be a real dragon, but you still look like you taste pretty good."

Hearing this, the Dragon King hissed with irritation. Rather than lashing out, however, he took to the sky, heading back toward the demonic monster domain.

"You won't get a chance to find out, you two-headed insect," he retorted coldly as he went. "Once I kill these human beings, it's your turn to die."

With the crisis averted for the time being, Darren steeled himself, flew outside, and unleashed his spiritual sense to feel the sword intent.

Hundreds of thousands of sword intent's fragments of Starry Tower were scattered across the land. Although they had been consumed for the most part, there were still many left. Thus, Darren was able to find them by using spiritual sense.

After searching for ten days, he had found several sword intent's fragments. Some were deep inside a mountain, while others were beneath the surface of a wild lake. Soon after that, he would reach his next destination: the Starry Tower.

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