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   Chapter 526 The Omen Of Riot (Part Two)

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It was obvious that the purple-gold mutant intended to let the other tribes fight with each other first. Then, they would enter the picture and work out on whatever the outcome of the prior battles would be. In the way, the chances of winning the battle would be more favorable on their side. Moreover, to make sure the other tribes would not harass them first, the purple-gold mutant asked his subordinates to spread the message that their king had been born. The general was certain that the moment the other tribes heard about the birth of their king, they would be scared and alarmed. If that plan worked, as long as they did not make any moves, the other tribes would not do anything to them either.

Right now, the mutants were just waiting for the general's signal. Once the purple-gold mutant's plan was put into action, just a few hours from now, they were confident that the other tribes would know that the space passage had been sealed.

Meanwhile, Darren stayed in the Western Desert Island for several days more. After Timothy had been healed, he prepared himself to leave.

"Timothy, I heard that the inheritance test of your clan is really challenging. Be careful."

"Alas, I don't have any other choices. My cultivation base is too low at the moment. If I obtained all the inheritance of the Ancestor Sword Soul, I might be able to help you guys when the mutants start to riot. Before, I was too lazy and did not cultivate hard. If only I have been determined in the past, I would have qualified to try the inheritance test a long time ago. If I had obtained the inheritance earlier, I could have protected my clan."

As Timothy was relating those rants to Darren, his eyes were red. The death of his relatives saddened him a lot and he somehow blamed himself for not being able to save them.

"Hmm, I am sure you will succeed this time, buddy." Darren pat

Then I will be leaving now. Sirs, take care, and good luck." Darren cupped his hands and lowered his head to bow politely towards them while they were still afloat.

Other grand warriors all said their goodbyes to the young warrior. Darren, who was really young, could defeat a four-star grand warrior, and he was modest and gentle, as well as loyal to friends. Those attributes made these grand warriors admire him a lot.


Soon after Darren left, he heard the sound of vibration spreading from the south end as well as the northern end. Even people in the eastern land could feel the shake as he sensed their panics using his spiritual sense.

"Err?" As he was held frozen midair, Darren's eyebrows furrowed tightly. He had a presentiment that something terrible had happened.

After a while, the sky in both the southern land and northern land was filled with thick clouds, lightning, and thunder. Aside from that, there seemed to unusual figures looming in the thick clouds.

"Does this mean that the riot has started?" as he asked the question, Darren was surprised. He did not expect that the riot of the border mutants initiated earlier than expected. Worst was, the riot started from the southern land and the northern land!

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