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   Chapter 525 The Omen Of Riot (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-20 00:02

The sun was peeking in the horizons, and as it continued to rise from the east, it cast a glow that painted the sky with a golden hue. A new day, a good day to start things anew with fresh hopes and enduring strength. Howbeit, in the north side of the Western Desert Island, a total irony was apparent. The sea that spanned across the land was dark. At the center of the sea, there stretched an island isolated, desolate and seemed to be uninhabited. Moreover, the island was all damped, soaked, and muddy for it rained all year round.

Scattered across the island were numerous huge humanoid statues. At one look, they appeared to be gigantic statues but were actually palaces as high as ten thousand feet.

In one golden statue, amongst the many statues, there were tens of thousands of black mutants taking refuge inside.

"General, I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but, Dahl was killed," an aged black mutant reported to the mutant who was sitting at the center of the hall. He was pedestaled on the throne above the steps and had purple gold scales covering his body.

"I see, and I am not surprised," the purple-gold mutant replied shortly in a small, uninterested voice. He did not seem to care about Dahl's death at all.

"Humph, Dahl could not defeat those inferior human beings. He deserved to die."

"That bastard was not even on the top ten levels of our cultivation, but he was so arrogant because he was young. It is not strange that human beings killed him."

"Is that fair? Think about it, why on earth human beings could kill Dahl? Did the Sacred Palace send law enforcers down to help them?"

"The high priest said that the space passage between the Bottom Spiritual World and the Medium Spiritual World had been sealed. That means there are no possibilities that law enforcers came down to the Bottom Spiritual World. Do you doubt the high priest's words? Is that what you mean? Huh?"

Over ten purple mutants wit

mutant had ordered, all the powerful mutants were shocked, stunned, and confused at the same time.

"General, why do we need to do that?" queried the aged mutant.

"Why? How dare you question my discretion? Do I need to explain myself to you? Or to anyone of you?" The purple-gold mutant's eyes swept from the aged mutant to the powerful mutants, whose heads were hung low in fear. The arrogance and cold-heartedness shown by the general, rendered them to take steps backwards.

"Arrange some of our warriors to do this. Make sure the message is spread naturally and not like it was done on purpose. Aside from that, let it be known to other tribes too, that the king of our tribe has been born. After that, we will not do anything else, and we will just wait. While we are waiting, I don't want anyone of you to go on intruding into the human's dominion. Let those old bastards fight with human beings first." The purple-gold mutant grinned hideously as he was instructing these orders to the mutants in front of him. Apparently, he was planning something on the back of his mind.

"General, your plan is so brilliant!"

Hearing how the aged man commended the general, the other mutants in the hall finally understood the purple-gold mutant's intention, and they knelt to him at the same time.

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