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   Chapter 524 Prepared For The Riot (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-19 00:12

"Darren, do you want to go to the southern land with us?"

one grand warrior from Heavenly Palace Sect asked Darren.

"Not at this point. It is quite urgent now, and I think we all need to improve our cultivation base as fast as we can," with urgency in his voice, Darren declined the cultivator's invitation.

"Darren's right, but we don't need to be extremely worried. Even if the mutants revolted everywhere, we would be able to defend them for a couple of years. Liam, am I right?" a grand warrior of Chasm Clan said with a confident tone.

"Defend for a couple of years? Are there any extremely powerful masters and elders in Chasm Clan and Heavenly Palace Sect?" asked Darren in surprise. He was confused by what the grand warrior meant by his words.

"No, we haven't, but the Heavenly Palace Sect and my clan have two legendary weapons, one to defend and another one to attack. If one day these mutants start a riot, these two weapons can absolutely defend our land and our people for a couple of years," the master from the Chasm Clan explained.

"It is good then, if that's the case, otherwise, I'm worried we don't have enough time," responded Darren. After hearing the master's explanation, the feeling of both worry and nervousness inside him was somehow alleviated.

"Sirs, please go back to your place and start to prepare for the riot. It will be sooner than we expected," suggested Darren while urging the cultivators to prepare for the worst.

"Okay, we will do that. When you have some time in the future, you are always welcome to come to our sect." The master was persistent on his offer towards Darren.

After this, the grand warriors of both the Chasm Clan and the Heavenly Palace Sect left and headed towards their respective clans.

"Horace, can you please come here for a moment?"

After everyone had left, and Darren was

en wanted to go to the Starry Tower, but he dared not go because Mathew was a mysterious person.

However, this time, he was desperate to elevate his cultivation base, so Darren had to go to the Starry Tower, whether he fancied it or not. Moreover, he was always curious about what had happened to Mathew. He thought it was not that simple and wanted to figure out what really happened.

"Okay, then take care of yourself. It is time for me to go back to my place." Abelard did not ask the details, and he then bade farewell to Darren.

"Take care too, Abelard," responded Darren.

After the exchange of goodbyes, Abelard nodded and flew away, leaving Darren behind.

"Whew!" After a few moments of lingering, Darren took a deep breath. Within him was the memory of the battle he had with the mutants. He would use such memories as a stepping stone to push him higher and harder to his goal of increasing his cultivation base. With an uplifted spirit and a motivated heart, Darren flew and headed towards the Starry Tower.

In the meantime, the places where mutants dwelled grew very busy like they had many irons on the fire. The situation commenced after the leaders of the mutants knew what had happened on Western Desert Island.

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